Welcome to The Spiral Times!

I am writing this blog because a friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to share some of my ideas and the wisdom that I have gained from within me – from my soul, and continue to gain.

I would like to help people, and teach them about things that may help them on their journey on earth.

The name I choose for this blog is based on a symbol that is very powerful and personal for me. As I grow, I feel like I am moving up in a spiral motion. My life circles around, but when I come back again, my consciousness is higher than it was before.  I feel that this is how I grow, and probably how most of us grow in a spiral shape.

We start wide and far away from our centers, ascending the spiral and gradually moving closer to the thing that connects us all, until we are finally one with the Universe. Then we are centered. From there I cannot say what happens because I do not know. Maybe we continue to grow in a straight line upwards. Who knows?

I hope that makes sense. =)

With love,