I took my Reiki level 1 today. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

At 9 AM I showed up to my teachers house, and the lessons began. We discussed Reiki, what it is, and more before she took the money. She made sure that I actually wanted to take the class.

In a nutshell, Reiki is the channeling of the Universal life force energy that fills us all and is used for healing. It is also known as Prana and Chi.

My teacher must give a “warning label” of a sort before she teaches, and before she takes your money that this will change your life. Everything will be different for you now, and once you have it, you will always have the energy of Reiki flowing through you even if you don’t use it. Your life will flow.

My class consisted discussion of Reiki, its history, my teachers lineage, and the use of Reiki. Ater this, I was given an attunement and lunch.

We chatted some more about things that are and are not related to Reiki, and afterwords, I actually did a Reiki session on my teacher to practice feeling the energy leaving my hands.

It was an amazing experience. After my session of healing her, as Reiki heals the healer as well as the healee while the session is going on, I looked younger, and I couldn’t stop smiling for about an hour afterwards. I felt so happy!

I have more guidance on what my path is to be now, and I’ve also met a couple of my spirit guides now (YAY!). I feel more at peace, and like everything is going to be okay no matter what.

I am very excited to continue with Reiki, and I can’t wait to meet people and share this with them!