Numerologia es la estudia de se llama y dia de nacimiento en numeros. Seguro calculaciones dice se vida y lo influencias.

Aqui es mi interpretacion de Javier Ferez Fernandez, con la ayuda de sitio de tejido

(I need to learn how to do the funky characters on my keyboard)

Numero Uno: El Numero de la Senda de Vida – 9

Numero dos: El Numero de Cumpleanos – 14

Numero tres: El Numero del corazon de desea

I was going to translate them all to Spanish, but I got really tired. I shouldn`t have saved it for the last hour of my post time. Let me know how these reflect you, and when you do I`ll get started on translating the rest (if you don`t peek at them; don`t worry if you do though because I`ll work on a different article, so let me know if you do or not peek!)



That was tough… How`d I do(imagine a question mark here.. I screwed up my keyboard in this post only apparently from playing with it to get funky numbers!!! Lol! Here`s my question mark: É… )