One of the primal energy forces for humans.

Commonly used to manipulate another, or to express hurt, or for vengence. It drains you, makes you tired, and depletes your health.

You look older as well.

Anger is similar to a little goblin that lives inside of you. It is ugly, mean and jaded. It only cares about oneself. That goblin wants you to feed it, and to let it grow. It wants you to give it all of your energies, and it wants to be given more and more power, which only YOU can give. It begs, and whines, and when that doesn’t work, sudden outbursts are its way of getting your attention, and more power. It grows, and often people are unconscious about it happening until after it happens.

The root of our anger is hurt. Some one has hurt you in one form or another and you have yet to let it go, but it hurts so much. Our goblin is allowed to latch onto our pain, and he now controls it for us. He can be allowed by us following what we “should” feel according to the society we live in, or because we don’t know how to deal with the pain. Sometimes we want to be angry because it makes us feel good.

How do we let go of this anger, and reduce it? First we must stop feeding our inner goblin. Second, we must figure out the root of our pain, accept it, and let it go. When we realize we are acting out of anger, stop and reflect within yourself. Ask yourself Why am I angry? Why am I freaking out on this person/thing? And release it. It is not yours anymore. You do not need it. Starve your goblin!!!

Don’t give in to your goblin; you don’t need him, and we don’t need anymore goblins in this world. Let go of him, and let your light shine through.

You will still experience anger after you release your goblin and he no longer lives with you. It will be a different anger that gives you energy instead of takes. Its an anger that you can work with that makes you want to do something about the situation and the world you live in. Its an anger that knows when its being wronged and what needs to be done to make it right. Its an anger with wisdom.

Never, ever let anger control you no matter which kind it is. Thats when your goblin, and yourself will do the worst damage.

Thats what I think of anger right now. I am full of it, and I want it gone. It needs to go for me to start growing again, so I pray daily (another way for it to be let go) that the Universe will take it from me. Another way to let go of anger is to imagine healing energy, love, whatever you want to replace it with going into you and the anger leaving you as you meditate. I believe it corrosponds to the solar plexus chakra.