What wonderful things they are! They can be clear with rainbow spots, or they can be any plain ol’ colour! They can be all sizes that you can imagine, and any texture you’d like, though the best are the ones that we each create, whether its with bubble making solution or energetic.

My personal favorite is the bubble of energy. It has been very helpful throughout my life, and I would never give it up. The first time I ever used an energy bubble was when I was much younger, probably 10 or 12 years old. I was in the basement of my best friends house at the time, and I was sleeping over. Her mother came down the stairs, said good night, and prayed with use before returning to her own bedroom.

Us, being girls with no parental supervision, decided we would play for a bit, and did so. Before we actually went to sleep though, my friend stated that we should pray again. I was like, whatever, and we did. She prayer for a bubble to protect me, one for her, and one over the entire house. Just as we lay down to sleep something inhuman made a noise literally 2 feet away from my head. It was a growl mixed with a screech that rose in volume until the whole house shook. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. We both sat up and looked at each other before bolting up the stairs.

We are both convinced that the bubbles saved us from meeting whatever that creature was. It was definitely not anything that humans are familiar with; we are certain of that. Since then, I have always prayed for bubbles to protect myself and anyone else in danger, and will imagine a bubble around them.

As of late though, I have found another use for my beloved bubble. It is a green bubble that I imagine myself in whenever I remember. Its best to revision it with the intention daily because that keeps the bubbles strength up. My beautiful green bubble is not meant only for safety but its built with the intention that no negative influences can come into my aura. It works beautifully.

The reason I create this bubble is because I noticed that after taking my Reiki level 1, people are meant to become more sensitive to certain things, and one of the things I noticed happening to me is I would go through mood swings depending who I was with, what I was around, etc. The first day I put up my bubble I was actually able to have a constant mood again, and that was awesome!



When you are in danger do not forget the usefulness of the BUBBLE!


I could just be a crazy person with an affinity for bubbles… I like them… =D