Ah, patience. What a virtue to have that it seems so few of us practice.

I am always told that I have so much patience. It comes naturally with the understanding that each person has his or her own ideas and thoughts, and if it works for them, its what they will use. Each person must be allowed to choose and walk their own path, and learn the things their individual soul needs. It is one of the most important things – that a person encompasses their soul, and that they actually live how they should live. Not just what our society deems as appropriate, or how a person should live or whatever.

Its a persons own choice if they are going to have blue hair or not. If they are going into debt or not. If they are going to follow their dreams or not. If they hurt another person or not. If they want to live for God or not. If they want to love or not. If they let fear control them or not. If they work at a job they love or not. Its all up to each individual person what they do.

So take a moment, and step back. Step back in humility and let other people do their thing. Let them live the life they want to live, and know the things they want to know. Don’t hold them back, and don’t destroy their chances to live a life thats better than yours. Don’t be jealous if they are better at something than you are. They might be good at one thing, while you are good at another that they suck at.

Every person should work together with other people. Each person should be open to other ideas and thoughts no matter what they are because you know what? They might be closer to the truth than you think.

Its very important to listen to people. Many people feel they are unwanted, not good enough, and that nobody will listen to them. So lets change that one person at a time! From now on, each day lets listen, truly listen to just one person. Lets see what a difference it makes. As they speak, look into their eyes and breath, paying attention to their voice, and the words they say. Become enthralled in the conversation, and if they need to speak alot more than necessary. Let them.

Speaking heals. Speaking solves problems. Prod them when its necessary, when you feel the urge or you know it will help them to speak of it. But don’t force. You must let them decide when and of what to speak about. It might not be their time and so let them know you’re here if they need to talk.

I apologize for the longer post of unorganized thoughts. I hope you enjoy it. I am too tired to edit it, and I probably won’t be able to before it goes up.