It has been amazing to me to watch other people as of late. As I’m watching them I’m thinking about what their world could be like. Its not usual that we truly enter another persons world. I have my group of family and friends, and thats my world, my life. But the other person they have their group of family and friends, and thats their world. And both these worlds are completely different. But every so often our worlds collide, and we get a glimpse, just a glimpse of what each other’s worlds are.

As friends and family we just assume that we belong in each others worlds, and that we know what our worlds are like, but I don’t think many people actually know what another persons world is like. You’d have to live with them in their daily lives to know that. Its so wierd. It amazes me that we all just keep on truckin’ in our worlds, and to most of us, our world is everything. There is NOTHING outside of our world. Whats in our world is what affects us, what doesn’t affect us doesn’t have a place in our world.

Its amazing. What would happen if people stopped paying attention to their worlds, and actually paid attention to things outside of themselves?