Just get out of my way already!

There is absolutely nothing worse than when you want to go fast or get somewhere and there are THESE people in front of you who are in the way and you just want to fly! FLY! Fly by them!

Man, its awful! And you sit there, maybe in your car, your foot pounding on the pedals – gas, brake, gas, brake – JUST f***ING GO ALREADY! – your fingers tapping, music blaring. You just want speed, to go fast. Flippin’ fast.

All for what? What impatience you have! Where are you going to go!? I understand if your late, but otherwise you have no rush. I do enjoy going fast though. Maybe thats why I have a lead foot. =D

Nothing too interesting to write about this week so far. Its been pretty boring. I’ve just been writing a story mainly and getting up a website (which I got help on, and I’ll put it up here once its done).

Love ya all!



I feel that impatience alot. I am reminding myself daily to enjoy my journey as well as my destination. Sometimes you end up and your destination and then your like, “Now what?”