Every so often I come across music that intensifies my creativity. I wish I had more of it. It just hits me. I can’t stop. It makes me want to move, to connect, to bring something new in the world. This is how I like to write:

The room is dark, and music is playing, not too loud and not too soft. No lights are on except the one coming from my laptop.

It is important that you don’t just have an idea for a story but that you connect with the idea or else your story will just go nowhere. You won’t want to write it. Your characters don’t work.

I am happy with this story. Theres been only 2 other stories I’ve ever been happy that I’ve written, and that I’ve actually enjoyed the writing process. By that I mean the ideas come easily and fit and work together. Its easy. There’s no complicated plot charts and character profiles. My characters come alive as I write, speaking not only to the reader but to myself as I write of them. “This is how I speak. This is how I dress. Do you see me?”

The images are what I put down as the scenes play out before me. Then they stop and I take a moment to pause, after which the next scene comes to me.

It is a process I love. I just love it.

To write with no restrictions in a place of no restrictions is amazing. There are no laws that guide me in my world of the story. Its just the characters that guide me through it.

Its right.