… I cannot comfortably do.

It’s as simple as that. Yet people try to make you do the very thing against the grain of your personality. This comes from my job, who has told me that I need to be mean.

As I grow into the person that I want to be, and do my best to raise our vibrational levels, I loose the urge to even care about this company that I work for. I loose the urge to yell at people to get their butts in the door or we’ll pick up the product. I don’t want to threaten them. I don’t want to call them 3 or 4 times a day.

I also no longer have the urge to sell to them. Instead, I want to tell them of the life they can choose to live. I want to tell them about the love of the Universe. I want to help them awaken their kundalini. I want them to rise up, higher than they have ever been before, and help me to change the world. Help me to ensure the survival of humanity. I want them to know what they can do, and how they can do it.

Its something that they won’t listen to me about. Not yet anyways.

It’s like there are two worlds. One is inside that store where selfishness, greed, anger, and materialism rule. The second is outside the store, and the one I have more influence to change. That world has everything of the first, but also selflessness, generosity, spirituality, and goodness. Those better qualities can outweigh the negative ones. When I go to work in the morning I leave the world of love behind, and enter one of pure greed. Its terrible, because not only the company is greedy but the customers who walk through my door.

However, I think I am in the wrong job for my personality. Hopefully, I can leave quite soon, and before I apparently “lose” my job. Interesting when I do my managers work.

Well, I’ll talk to you later.


Tuesday I get my Master’s for Reiki. Yay!