Hello one and all!

This week I have been reading some amazing blogs by the most amazing people I have ever had the chance to read about. They’re living their lives authentically and consciously, and they want to help other people live their lives that way as well!

For me, they are an inspiration. They are living the exact life I want. And this excites me! From them, I will be able to learn from their mistakes, guidance and answers, if I so choose. Mainly though, when I need inspiration, I will look them up and read them.

Not only do they inspire me in living out my dreams, but also in making this blog something that will be enjoyed by others. So my promise to you, dear few readers that I have, is that I will put only quality posts on here from now on. Every week there will be a new post to enjoy.

I hope to keep this blog for a very long time, kind of like a journal, and kind of like a record of my personal growth.

Hopefully from now on, you will enjoy this blog more.

Here’s some links to my currently favorite blogs:

Christine Kane’s:


Thrilling Heroics:


The Art of Nonconformity:


I’m sure I will find more, but for now, these are the blogs that I look forward to updates from.