So, I’m not able to write a full fledged posting today, as I am busy planning out my trip to Europe with a friends. I will tell you this though:

I’ve been trying to figure out why I enjoyed my complaining session, and have come to the conclusion that I enjoy recieving the attention I get when I complain, and also as people listen and confirm that my complaints are true, I feel verified. One of my friends pointed out that after we complain we may feel like we’ve solved a problem even though we haven’t.

I think both of these are true. I don’t know if its the whole truth because I find that lots of psychological things will have multitudes of reasons and causes behind it, not just a single thing.

Anyways, I bought my moccasins for my trip! I’m excited. I’m now hardening up my feet so I don’t kill my feet.

Today, like I said, my friend and I are doing some intense planning for my trip, in part to satisfy my parents, and in part so I actually know what I’m doing. I’m not a huge planner; I would just be happy to go to Europe, map or no map. Lol. Not the best way to travel. It’s a good thing I have some good friends! πŸ˜€