Well, I was really busy this week, so I didn’t write down daily the things that I learnt and realized and how I did and all of that fun stuff. I do know that I did complain about one thing in particular, so I will just have to change my attitude about that one thing because it makes sense to do so. If I can’t change the thing that causes me unhappiness at this current moment in my life, I might as well accept it. It’s easier to live then.

My work place is really a very negative place. We had people come in from head office and other stores as a Swat team. Their job is to reduce our collections to manageable numbers, as about half our customers were late. We are now down to 25%, but that’s another story.

We had a bailiff come in with them, an actual professional bailiff, and he was the most bitter of them all. His job is a hard job to do. He constantly deals with repossessing people’s things – cars, houses, furniture, electronics, etc. He constantly is arguing with people as well, and taking them to court. That’s a very icky job to do, and it would make someone extremely grumpy and have a negative outlook on most people.

Then we had two store managers come in from other stores. One was gone most of the time, but he seemed like a pretty cheerful guy. Talked about sex a lot. The other one was chipper when he came to the store but by the time he was leaving he was pulling his hair out of his head, and complaining.

Its weird. It’s like the reserves just kind of drudge up all this frustration which then pours into complaints. (It’s not like all the reserves do this, we also have a few customers in little towns that aren’t reserves that are just as bad as the majority of the people who rent from us on the reserves.)

I’ve decided that this is going to be an ongoing experiment because I do believe that it will really help me out. I think that when I leave this job, it will be really easy to not complain because I won’t be in an environment where it is so accepted and even almost the way one is supposed to talk to coworkers.  So I am looking forward to leaving, and biding my time – Preparing myself basically.

Anyways, that is my update for now.