I know I’m late! For some reason certain web pages wouldn’t load on my laptop yesterday. It was weird.

Well, I wanted to write a tad more about the complaining experiment. I have come to notice when other people complain, how they do it, and when they do it. I’ve noticed how it is a way of life for some people – They get all riled up about whatever their complaining about. People just have to absolutely listen to them complain. Pay attention to me! My life is terrible. It’s wired how this happens. I wonder if they are aware of that they are doing.

Sometimes I just want to burst because I get extremely frustrated at my job. This is definitely not the job I will be working for the rest of my life. I am now purposely creating my life. Slowly I am becoming more and more conscious, and this creating process is becoming more and more natural to me.

Some days are full of coincidences. My day is weirdly perfect, which is an awesome thing. From meeting random people that help me get to where I need to go, to getting my passport application approved in less than 10 minutes, to just “happening” to be where I need to be at that exact moment… It is very amazing when the Universe and you are working as one. Amazing. (Thank you Universe! Love you!)

How do you do this, the creating your life? First you decide what you really want to do. What is it that you would love to do? Whats your dream? For many people, your dream is what you are meant to do. Unless you are dreaming about the wrong thing. It may not be time for you to have that particular dream come true.

My best friend and I noticed the other day that we are living each others dreams. She is buying a house with her boyfriend that I so wanted before I broke up with my boyfriend. I am going to Europe which she really wants to do as she has family out there and everything like that. Oddly, neither of us is jealous of the other. Our dreams will come true and unfold in the proper order of what we need at that time. And we know that. We have confidence that it will all be okay. It’s all going to work out in the grand scheme of things.

You must trust the Universe if you want to work with it. You can’t have a relationship with anyone if you don’t trust them. I know trusting the Universe is scary. You are trusting something that you cannot see, usually don’t hear, and you may not even be sure of its existence (though Earth is just a bit to elegant to be random). All you can do is have faith. That mysterious word, faith, eh?

What is faith? It took me a long time to understand what faith is. I always wondered.I believe faith is when you trust something or a person with something valuable and you don’t know whats going to happen. Its like your giving your car to a person for 6 months, and you are going to have to trust them that they will not cause your damage or anything like that for 6 months. When you trust in a God you are trusting him/ her with your life. You are trusting that everything will okay basically. So an extension of trust.

When you have Jesus to put your faith in you have an icon, a person, something real. The thing is, is that its hard to have faith in something that doesn’t make sense to you. Each person has their own individual truth that they must live by. My truth is faith in the Universe right now. As I get closer and closer to this truth my thoughts, ideas, ideals, and ways of being change.

It is so awesome! As you work more with the Universe and things start to happen that your like “WOW!” about, you start to feel kind of magical. You know what will and what won’t harm you. You know who you are attracting. You live an amazing life.

– Christine