Hello, and good day everyone.

Today I would like to recommend to you a wonderful book I have just started reading. The book came to me in a strange way – popping out at me at a bookstore I had been basically forced to visit on a day of various coincidences (if you believe in them), or rather, a universe inspired day. The book is called “Frequency” and its written by Penney Peirce. If you are interested in raising your vibrations then this book will be extremely helpful.

When I started reading it, I wasn’t too sure what it was actually about, just something to do with your personal energy. I’m like cool, ’cause I love energy. I started reading all the way from the Introduction, but was really impressed in the first chapter. Penney actually goes through different states of being that each person will go through as they raise and work through their vibrations. In some of the levels she actually describes the symptoms that I’ve been having, that I could not explain and have been wondering about (Thank you Universe for providing the answer!).

I am eager to work through the book now that I know what I’m experiencing its easier to go through, and I can recognize when something happens if its part of the phase for me to use to grow, or if I created it. If you get my meaning.

Right now, my body and my mind are going through a lot of changes. Most of which match Penney’s chart, in the lower four levels – they ones that can drive a person crazy because you go through all this emotional baggage, your physical body changes, and your ego dies.

Examples: My dad can’t stand this stuff that I speak of, that I live for. He is convinced that I am a schizophrenic because I talk and study all this stuff. Two nights ago as I was driving home alone after seeing a movie with him I had a total breakdown – crying, and such. All I wanted was a hug and someone to say it’s alright.

I love cheese. It is like the best all time food ever, and it goes on just about everything. I have always eaten a lot of it, because I love it. No longer can I enjoy cheese. Currently, after eating cheese, no matter if its melted or not, no matter what kind, all of  a sudden I’ll feel like oil is pouring from my pores, and I get really bad gas. -_-

As for my ego dying. Well. I always have trouble with my ego. I have been watching it closely and can observe it flaring up. I am usually able to let go of it just after it starts. Ah, well. I’m getting less of an ego probably and hopefully.

The one thing that we always need to remember right now on Earth is that the things you want and intend to create don’t usually happen in the way that we think they will happen. I struggle to remember this as my plans for Europe start to change, and as I become more and more uncertain of what I am supposed to do. Am I supposed to go to Europe? Or am I meant to stay here, at least for now?

For now, all I can say is that I’ll have to watch and listen to the Universe to be my guide and to let me know what I am supposed to do. I’ll have to rely on my intuition since that really is the only thing that can properly help me. It’s not easy for me to be logical and figure out what I’m supposed to do. In fact, thats usually more difficult for me.

I will put all my trust in the Universe. I really don’t think the Universe can let a person down. Everything works out as it should be. Everything.

Thank you.


Always remember to live with gratitude, even if you wake up in the morning, or as your falling asleep you thank the Universe for what you have.