Yay! I do love experiments!

Here’s the update on the complaint experiment. Truth be told, I forgot about it. I know! Shocking! My boss reminded me a few days before August with “Whatever happened to your no complaining?” as I was complaining. I didn’t know what to say! So it’s on once again! I have notes stuck to the computers at work that state “NO COMPLAINING OR WHINING!” and so far its working pretty good. The notes also remind my driver of his commitment as well, and the people at work hold me to it. They actually punish me with the consequences that I set for myself – they hit me whenever I complain.

It is working out well. It has gone really well for this past week – an outburst only once or twice! The first few days were hard. I had a sore arm after work. Lol.

The atmosphere in my workplace is very heavy. I think I may be getting more sensitive to the energy around me. When I have a place of my own, I would like it to be entirely good energy flowing throughout.


This month, starting today actually, my mother and I are doing an experiment together. We are going vegan. We have a 30 day plan from the book “Renewal The Anti-Aging Revolution”. It’s supposed to help you to live to 120 years of age. Now, my mom is doing it, well, because she always wanted to do it, and its more fun with another person.

I am doing it because I want to try going Vegan.

Another reason why both of us are trying this out is due to a movie that Woody Harrelson is in, “Go Further”. It is a very interesting documentry. We learned a lot. One thing  I discovered was that milk has blood and puss in it (further looked into on the internet and verified to my standards). I have never really like milk by itself anyways.

Our body is one of the most important things that we have. Without it we would be nothing on this physical plane. I notice a lot of spiritual people are heavier, or unhealthy (myself included in the unhealthy category). Why is this? Spirituality should balance everything out. The people should see the importance of taking care of the body as much as their spiritual, mental and emotional help. Everything effects everything else – the mental the physical, the spiritual the emotional, etc. That is why I want to change my lifestyle to something healthier.

It’s hard. It really is, and I understand that. By sheer determination I will change my life, and make it what I want though. I feel that I should be doing everything I can to make my body whole, and one with the Universe, and I believe that taking care of all aspects of my life is in order. Slowly things have started to fall into place as I find things that work for me.

Follow your heart and your intuition to find the path that works the best for you. Don’t forget to look behind you, though, because something that didn’t work for you last month, year, or whatever, just might be exactly what you need now.

– Christine

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead