Thats right. One of my friends blew my mind.

All my life I had been thinking of meeting my soulmate. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, because when you meet your soulmate everything is perfect, right?

Then it turns out that not everything will be perfect with your soulmate. It can go either way, however, you will recognize them in most instances.

Now… Now it’s that there are many people who can be your soulmate. It’s actually not uncommon to meet a soulmate. My ex-boyfriend was one of my soulmates. Soulmates are people that you have been a lover with in a past life, and you have strong connection with them.

What I have been actually looking for is my Twin Flame. The Twin Flame is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The person that completes you and does wonderful things to your body when the touch you, or even look at you. Twin Flames are also connected psychically. It is rare for them to meet, however with the events coming in 2012, it is becoming more and more common for them to meet, as when they meet its because they have a service to complete for the Earth or humanity.

All this time I’ve read things about soulmates, and its all been a Twin Flame. This amazes me and makes me feel so happy.

It means that there are many people who might be meant to be my lover.

I grade my chances of meeting my Twin Flame as good. And many other peoples chances will be good. And this excites me. We will be living  in a wonderful world. I guess, this just gives me hope.

– Love,

Christine =D