This is a very important thing. Your atmosphere can change what you feel very easily for either.

A few weeks ago, for example, one night in my bedroom I put on the lamps, and turned off the main light. Then I put on meditation music that I recieved from my Reiki master, and I lit some of my favorite inscence. And then I started cleaning my room. After about an hour I was extremely relaxed, and feeling bouyant.

It was amazing.

Now I am creating a room where I will be doing Reiki and healing. Now I need to create an atmosphere that will help people to feel relaxed, secure and calm. I believe the colours in the room will have a great affect, as well as the things that contribute to the Chi of the room as well – the light, music or no music, etc.

Not only in healing rooms is the atmosphere important but all over your home, your work, and even your car. These things can drag you down, or pull you up or just keep you in an even keel. I find that as I become more and more aware of energy and how it works through small subtle things that happen to me, I feel the energy of places, things, and people more and more.

This is just something for you to think about. How is the atmosphere in your space? Do you enjoy it? If not, why not?

Do not feel bad about creating a room with the atmosphere you like. It will make you happy.