I apologize for the missed post last week. Here is the post, nice and early, for this week.

The few times I have been able to attend spiritual workshops I have noticed a couple things. One, the participants are almost always all women. Two, there are many unhealthy people. By unhealthy I mean physically unhealthy. This has stalled me in a way, because even though I am not healthy myself, it made  me start to wonder that even as we are spiritual beings can we really forget about our bodies? Once I see how they take care of themselves physically I start to wonder how many practitioners are out of balance in other areas as well. How many practitioners are teaching people while being out of whack themselves? How many counselors are out of whack?

It seems that many people start to focus on just their spirituality, and leave the rest behind trusting that the Universe will take care of everything else for them, just as long as they follow the soul.

I, too, used to think along those lines. It has only be recently, after attending a few workshops on various topics, that I’ve begun to question what is the balance between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels for me.

I do believe that as a conscious and spiritual person one does have to take care of the body just as much as we take care of our spirituality.The body is our vehicle on the  Earth plane. Without it, we can’t do much of anything. The mind is an extremely useful tool once we know how to use it. We need it to survive on the Earth plane. Emotions give us guidance. We need them or we’d be lost.

Why don’t more people focus on a balance off all aspects instead of just focusing on the one?

Now here’s where I find myself stepping back, and I believe I have my answer for why we, as humans, don’t take care of ourselves in a balanced way. We get really interested in one aspect of our being, and then lack the motivation of working on the other aspects. There will always be a certian point that we get to, however, where we can’t go any further without going back and working on the other parts of ourselves. Once they start catching up we can continue our spiritual growth in that lovely upward spiral.

I invite you this month to take up a challenge with me: Incorporate one or two things that you know would help you grow/ become a better person/ meet the goals you want to attain into your daily lifestyle for this month. I am going to do 15 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of meditation. Remember to start small! Make sure you don’t set yourself an impossible goal.