Just yesterday I had an experience that will change the way that I deal with things. It all started with this guy that I really liked. He suddenly started “trying” to make time for me, after everything was going well. It was odd, and it made me angry because it was so sudden and didn’t make any sense. And really, who likes being told “I want to hang out with you but I don’t have time for you.”?

I just kept getting angrier and angrier as I heard more from people who know him, and as I kept thinking about it and talking about it. I told myself I would let it go three times, and even though I tried different things to let this go, it wasn’t working. Finally I “yelled” at him through Facebook. Yes, it would’ve been better if it was done in person or on the phone, but this was the easiest way for me, as I don’t like the phone, and he doesn’t have time for me.

I called him a couple names, and told him what I think, and also asked him what was going on. And he responded. He responded back with anger, and then I clarified my previous message. He has still to respond, but the fact that I got all this anger off of my chest and that I told the right person has enabled me to let this go. I am happier and lighter.

Do I feel bad? I did, however, as I thought about it I also know I did the right thing for me. I called him on his actions of the way that he was treating me in the best way possible and made myself heard. I released my emotions in the one conversation. And now that I did that, I no longer am holding onto those feelings that I’m sure would be driving me crazy right now.

All in all, I am happy with what I did. I feel that I can move on now. I am no longer obsessed. I stood up for myself and it made me feel good. Now I know that I shouldn’t hold onto my feelings like that. I know what it does now. From now on, I will stand up for myself, and hopefully others who need someone to stand up for them.

So don’t hold it in, let it go, the sooner the better. It will help you to move on with your life, and to be happier. The joy of your soul will be seen more and more as you let go of the toxic emotions that you hole within.