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Today I went for a walk in the park barefoot even though it was only 10 degrees celsius. It was the most wonderful thing I could’ve done this afternoon.

As a person walks barefoot in the grass it allows the energy of Mother Earth to flow into them uninhibited. As you fall into a meditative state, you are able to commune with her, and feel her love, peace, and the other energies flowing out of Mother Earth, the protector of us all. Without her we could not survive. Without her there would be no possibility for us to even live.

And yet we destroy her. And we continue destroying her. Like children, even though we know its bad, we still continue doing it because we haven’t seen any “consequences”. What kind of a consequence do we want before we stop our bad behavior? What are we waiting for?

I know its not a change that happens overnight, but most people seem to not be making any choices to make our world better. Mother Earth needs us most at this time. Instead of us needing her, this time its her needing us to survive. If half the population of the world made 3 changes to their lifestyles, whether it was small or not, I’m sure that we could see a positive effect on the Earth.

I do know that I am tired of waiting around for someone else to make the changes for me. I’ve slowly started to take my life into my hands, and am creating the life that I want. That does include living so that I can help Mother Earth, or at least not contribute as much to her demise. I do want to live though. The more I practice Reiki, the more I get feedback from her, and the  more I know, she is screaming for our help in all the ways that she can. She will not go down without a fight though. Think about that. Are you ready for the cost?