Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Its the time of year that we all get together with our families and eat TURKEY!

This year was quite different for my family. With now 60% of our family vegetarian or vegan, we had more dishes than ever before for the vegetarians. There was a lot of food for everyone. We all enjoyed it.

However, I wonder if Thanksgiving has lost all its meaning. Yeah, there’s a lot of good food and conversation, but really. Isn’t the holiday supposed to serve as a reminder to give thanks? You can give thanks to your god, or the Universe like I will, but it’s always important to show your gratitude. I find the more thankful and full of gratitude you are, the more blessed you become.

One thing that is sometimes suggested is keeping a Gratitude journal where each day you write down 3 things you are thankful for. See what happens when you do it for a month.