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One of my friends recommended the book “Conscious Dreaming” by Robert Moss to me. Since I’ve been working on dreaming as of late due to the feeling that they are important in my life, I decided to order it when my mother offered to buy me a book.

While I was waiting for the book I started keeping track of my dreams once again in my dream journal. Interesting and crazy dreams have been happening, and slowly my dream interpretation is coming alive. The dreams I feel are important I usually tell one of my friends, Chellie, who usually has no problem interpreting them for me. This “dream sharing” is apparently very important and very serious in Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures.

I can see why. When one opens up to the fact that dreams are just as real, if not more real than our waking life, and that guidance from our guides can be received in our dreams, they become very important. Messages start flowing through the dreams through symbols. Sometimes though, its not even a symbol, but a flat out scream from your dream: Nightmares anyone?

According to Robert Moss’s book, a nightmare occurs when a person refuses to deal with an issue. In the nightmare a person should turn around to whatever adversary there is, and ask for more details: Why are you chasing me, who are you, etc. To get answers.

I highly recommend “Conscious  Dreaming”. Thus far it has been very informative, if a little opinion based. It is obvious reading the book that Robert is speaking based on experience, simply and purely. It must be remembered that everyone’s experience will be slightly different. His book is much more in depth than other books I’ve read on the subject, and there will be techniques that I will be implementing into my life.

Do you have any favorite dreaming techniques?