Today is my first day as a twenty-two year old on this planet officially.

My birthday was filled with so much love!

And I have decided to begin blogging again.

I have a lot of ideas for this blog now. I see it as a different thing than I did two years ago, which is a good thing. The old posts are being kept because they show a bit about who I was when I first entered the world of blogging, and I don’t feel a need to erase my history.

People need to know that people beyond this computer screen are real people. And this blog is an expression of a real person. Therefore, I will post the good and the bad, and this blog will tell my story, my learning, my mistakes, my humor, my loves.

The following is from my journal:

Blog Intentions

I intent this blog, and therefore it will be, to be a blog that is a place that brings love into the world. This blog is a safe, open place to grow, learn, expand and to express my story, and my knowledge and wisdom. This blog allows an opening for expression, love, growth, abundance and opportunities. May this blog be written with love and for the highest good of all involved, always. Allow this blog to be an expression of Divine Love.

Let it be done. So be it. Amen. Mote.

And so it begins!

Looking forward to my next post! šŸ™‚