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Victoria had snow! It was pretty awesome!  I thought it I might actually go through this winter without seeing any of the white fluffy stuff I’m so used to.  When I woke up and the streets were white I called my mom just to tell her that it snowed here. There was silence on the phone and then laughter. “Is that like the first time that’s happened this year or something?” Remember, she lives in Winterpeg.

Then two days later the snow is all gone! Mysteriously disappeared overnight leaving green grass behind! I was impressed.

I was pretty excited for this new moon, in fact, I was waiting for it. I have come to love doing a small ceremony with my bestie on Moon nights. My last great manifestation was a 2012 Agenda. Did I ever have plans for this night!

Among the usual things that I am manifesting, this night  included a business. Currently I am working on a business plan with Youth Means Business, a governmentally funded program to help me write a plan and to provide training so that my business might be successful. The business keeps forming, changing, growing, evolving as I work on the business plan. Now I am manifesting space for a storefront and to practice out of that is affordable. It’s in my manifestation box. *crosses fingers*

Since starting to do these moon ceremonies I have begun to notice when the energies shift between moons. Its a very subtle change of feeling in the air around me, and in the things that I personally am working on, and what comes into my life. I am also more aware of my personal cycles.

My first two gem elixirs were effective, and so I’ve created a third with ethereal crystals, an elixir to give more energy to people. It is soon to be tested, I will let you know on the results. I am excited to see if it works.

I decided too this  past week that I needed to change my ceiling. There is only so long that I can stand pale colours. I like strong vibrant colours that make a statement. “I AM PURPLE.” Not, “I… might… possibly… be purple… or an odd… off white…”.

It has been a dream of mine to have a room decorated in fabric, and now, my ceiling is draped with red, pink and orange fabrics. My room feels so much better and much more like “my” space than before. Life goal accomplished! *fist pump*

This Friday night I am going to be doing Reiki and card readings at a party in Downtown Victoria. It is my first time offering Reiki at a party; I am excited and curious about it with a small amount of nervousness. If you are in Victoria, you are now invited to come check it out at the Well. Click here for more details. 🙂