Here is an Angel Card review for you to enjoy! When I am instructed to use this deck in a readings, its always referred to as “The Love Deck”. 😉

This is the first deck of Angel cards I ever owned. It was given to me by one of my friends because she thought I would be able to easily read Angel cards. Excitedly, I opened up the cards, and read the introduction written by Doreen Virtue, and that was it. I did my first reading, and within the next six months I would collect nine more decks, each one being used for its own purposes, each one feeling extremely different.

Out of all the decks that I own this one by far carries the softest vibrations. The energy is filled with light and love. It never fails that every time I have used this deck in the reading both myself and the client feel the love and joy. I have used this deck for almost every client, especially if they are new to Angel card readings or if there is a more delicate issue that needs to be touched upon in a reading.

To match its delicate energy the deck’s pastel painted pictures gently flow into the messages written in a sentence or two at the bottom of the card. This makes each card very easy to understand whether you use the guidebook or not. The back of the card has a more abstract image of angel wings and a halo glowing in space looking at earth. It’s an interesting image that sends confidence that the Angels are really watching us, and protecting us when we need it most.

I find that the more frequently I work with clients the less I use this deck with the individuals. To me this deck feels like a deck that “starts” people off, in more than one way – readers with reading, clients with getting readings, people who need to start paying more attention to a guarded part of themselves for example. All of the messages given in this deck are stated in the most positive way possible, and leave a feeling of confidence.

This deck comes with an easy to use guidebook that is done in the format of most all Doreen Virtues Angel Card Decks. There is the guidance of how to use the cards, cleanse them and set the intent, and quite a few basic spreads. There is also each card listed individually with a more in-depth meaning.

I would recommend this deck as a good deck for anyone and an excellent introductory deck. It is so simple to use and loving. I would not say that this is an essential must-have deck though. For me it is a deck I use once in a while, and never in readings for myself. It’s always used in conjunction with other decks that I use on a more frequent basis like the Liquid Crystal Healing deck and the Angel Therapy deck.

To purchase this book and get more info, you can click here!


Last night I worked at my first party offering Reiki and Card Readings. It was a success! I learned a ton, and met some very interesting people whom I may connect with, possibly even collaborate with in the future! 😀