Off to the Sunday Market I went, and there I met some amazing people. While there, since it was slow, I had plenty of time to think, reflect and have intriguing conversations. One woman I now call my Speech Doctor because she has a beautiful way of speaking and expressing herself. This led to my reflection on some lessons I would like to share with you. 🙂

  1. Words are extremely important. It’s best and improves life to use positive words as much as possible. The Speech Doctor gave me my first lesson: Avoid/notice don’t and won’t.
  2. Names are also extremely important. Remember, and use them. I’ve always been bad at recalling names, at one point I completely stopped using names unless absolutely necessary for fear of using the wrong name (which I often did). To counter my memory failure I’ve begun to visualize people with their names printed beneath their picture.
  3. I am what I complain about. This amazes me. Just amazes me.
  4. Its getting quite easy for me to identify abuse, codependency, boundary issues as well as passive aggressive behaviours now that I have become more knowledgeable and aware. I still have much to learn, however I feel like this awareness shows that some progress has been made on my own journey to heal myself, as they are all issues that I’ve been working with.

On Monday Mr. Business Counselor stated, much to my excitment that I’m almost done three parts of my business plan out of about eleven parts! Some of the pieces I’ve been working on for a few weeks I’ll finally get to retire! YES!

The full moon came around, and with it the opportunity to go to a Full Moon women only clothing swap/get together. A girl I had met on Cortes also came out that day and ended up spending the night here because she joined myself and Lori on our adventure to the clothing swap.

I had made about two dozen chocolate chip cookies that are gluten free vegan and sugar free, and brought some old clothes. Lori brought old clothes as well. When we arrived there were about ten or twelve woman encircling a huge pile of clothes. We dumped our clothes on top and joined the swap, looking at pieces.

I had some AMAZING finds, including purple pants, and yellow high heels. It pretty much made my night when I got home to find that the pair of heels I had thought to be beige were yellow. The realization actually caused me to dance on the spot.

The night was wonderful and after conversation and creating connections with a few of the many women who were there that night I left with a smile on my face, and two cookies on my plate. I will definitely be attending another clothing swap night, and recommend it to you if you encounter one!

Have a great day ladies and gentlemen!


I learned recently that Victoria is the land of roses! There are so many here that they are sometimes considered weeds. Well, this I find amazing, as roses are one of my favourite flowers ever. I even tried to grow them one year, but Manitoba winters kill a lot of things. So this new was very exciting to me, and then when I encountered a blooming rosebush on my way home one day I absolutely had to take pictures!