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This has worked out rather well that on the day of love, I get to post a book review on a book that speaks all about love! Happy Valentines day all!

At Hollyhock, I met a woman who told me about two books that changed her life. I heard her talk about them and decided I wanted to read both because it’s rare that people have a book that change their life so dramatically as it did hers. She was kind enough to have a copy of “A Return to Love” mailed to me!

“A Return to Love” sat on my shelf for about a week  while I tried to finish another book (which I never did finish), but each time I walked by the book case I was drawn to this one. Finally I picked it up to read it, and wow. It was not like anything I had ever read before.

Since this book is based on “A Course in Miracles” and I have history with Christianity that’s not particularly positive I was very iffy about this book. However one of the first things that she does is address this topic and how many of the Christian terms are redefined within the book. Words such as love, surrender and forgiveness are redefined in a much more positive way than how I experienced them within Christianity.

I love this book because everyday that I reached for and read it, the messages seemed to correspond magically to what I was going through that day. It feels like my mind expanded in that I have a new way of looking at not only Christianity but also at love, forgiveness, surrender and relationships in my own life, and I like it a lot better than my old view.

Rarely do I stick bookmarks in a book to come back to, but this Williamson writes some very intriguing thought provoking sections that I’ve gone back to several times that I find inspiring and a good reminder. Some of the stories Williamson writes in her book make me think “Wow, people really can think like that?” and to begin reflection of myself in my own life, and where love is and where it isn’t.

Rose Quartz Rock of Love! He really wanted to be in the blog post today to share his love!

To me, “A Return to Love”, is almost a perfect book. It makes me want to explore “A Course in Miracles”, which before I was very wary about. Not anymore. I love the feeling of love that I feel each time I sit down to read the book. I love the simple language that is to the point. I love how it all makes flows, from one section to the next, from one aspect of life to the next so that all aspects are looked at. How can you live this area from your heart, from a place of love?

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about love, or even just a good upbeat inspirational book to read. Halfway through the book I had asked the two closest people to me if they wanted to read the book because I feel like it brings important ideas to the world in a very accessible manner. This is definitely a life changing book, one that gives new hope and love. Read it! You’ll love it!

And if you want to purchase your own copy click here! Thank you! 🙂