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Banana Nut Muffin

Ah, this week was a very busy week for me! It was filled with a personal learning curve, which definitely has effects my business.

One of my main concerns this week was muffin making! I have made an agreement to trade a gluten free sugar free and vegan muffin recipe for an Akashic Record consultation where I plan to get my business name from as I’m currently operating under none. After finding out that Victoria is the “City of Roses” my old name of Rose Tree Healing would get lost in all the rosey businesses. And it has no oomph to it. So lets see what Spirit has in store!

Thursday night I attended a YES mixer (Young Entrepreneur Society) with another participant in the Youth Means Business program and Mr. Business Coach. I really did not enjoy it, however I do not like crowds of people especially being in a crowd of people in a small confined space. I also dislike people I don’t know touching me which happened often, as it does in crowds, as people move around from one point to another. This mixer definitely took me out of my comfort zone. The other participant I went with seemed quite comfortable and the Mixer seemed profitable for him.

On Sunday, I had requested a friend of mine do some work on me. We focused on my Abundance issues and gleaning clarity on the underlying blockages to abundance. The session definitely met it’s goals of clarity around abundance.  Among a few issues that came up one really stood out to me, which I focused on this week: Fear of success.

At one point in time I had become aware of this fear within my consciousness but I had never done anything with it. It makes sense that it would be a contributing factor to the blockage of abundance, especially financially, that I have felt in my life.  I see that it would contribute to the habits of self-sabotage and procrastination. There are probably other habits or patterns that I am unaware of as well.

After the session and dragging my feet for Monday and Tuesday I said to myself  “Okay, you have to stop this Serafina. You have to deal with your fear and you know how to do it!” So, with much hesitation and crying (It was an emotional moment to possibly loose a long-time buddy, even if it’s for my own good!) I sat down and meditated on my fear.

I pictured him in front of me and asked him what lessons he had to teach me. And then I removed him from my life, and filled that area with white light. This was repeated until he said “You can only deal with me so much in this way, the rest must be dealt with in day to day life… Take care of yourself.”

I would like to share with you some of what he “said”:

“You can love yourself. It is a simple choice…. Self-love will make you radiate… Acknowledge that you are beautiful in the mirror everyday… Don’t be scared to give of yourself, for this is how you will make your biggest contributions to mankind, to humanity.”

On Wednesday I went to the True Colours Personality Workshop that Youth Means Business put on for program participants and I finally got to meet other women in the program! I also learned about the True Colours, which I think are a very simple and fun way to think about people. I’m blue. And my secondary colour is orange. What are you? The only free online quiz I could find for you is here.

My week was emotional. I felt a lot of things moving and shifting. Things that have been held in my body are releasing, and I feel some patterns and ways of thinking are being lifted. It is good!

Also, got a bike! And a helmet! Very excited! Went on my first bike ride and its perfect for my plan to get me into shape! A giant hill almost killed me! Lol. MUAHAHAHAHAA!

Have a great week!  🙂