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This past week has been hard work all over the place for myself. I’ve taken on the task of rewriting all of my Reiki manuals. The ones I use are the one’s that were given to me by my Reiki master. Unfortunately they are not organized well, and look like they are random pages out of random books. So I’m retyping out all of the information, editing them, and adding in my own information that I think may be valuable for Reiki students.

I’m almost complete my business plan! Exciting to hear! I intend to finish both the manuals and the business plan by March 17th, when Mike and I leave for Cali until the 25th. Its been busy days, busy days!

Along with this I’ve spent some time applying for jobs at various places that I’d like to work at – art supply stores and vegan restaurants/gluten-free bakeries. My program comes to an end in April, and I want to ensure that I have a way to cover all the essential bills.  And I’ve updated the blog! You can see there’s more info under Services, and a Testimonial page (which I’m still collecting!).

And now, on with the review!! YAY!

Liquid Crystal Oracle – Justin Moikeha Asar

This deck is by far one of my favorite decks that I work with, and therefore has also been my main one since I purchased it maybe six months ago. This deck is to me definitely something special. I bought this deck when it’s cost of around $30 would’ve broken my bank, but after connecting with it in the store I knew I couldn’t refuse to let it come home with me.

The first night I used this deck I tapped into its immense power and accuracy while playing around with the various ways that it can be used. This deck is more than just a deck to do readings with. This deck can be used in healing sessions, it can be incorporated to give more power to the crystals, it can be used as a doorway to other places, and used in meditations.

I used this deck in all the ways that I mentioned above and whenever I find a new way I get very excited. There is only one thing that I don’t like about the deck: it comes in a fairly big box for a deck with cards approximately the same size of a Doreen Virtue deck. While the big box seems to be used to accommodate the large guidebook that came with the deck, my cards don’t have a case of their own, so they are the only deck I carefully carry around with an elastic band holding them together.

The large guidebook is also easy to use, and includes more than just what the crystal card means. There are the combinations the cards can be used in for certain things (a trinity for depression, a trinity to open up the third eye, etc.), the best place to place the card, affirmations, chemical composition and more. The beginning of the guidebook includes some of the various ways to use the cards, and how the cards came to be.

Each card is designed in a similar yet different way. The basic design remains about the same while the colours in each card changes greatly depending upon the stone and what it vibrates at. The cards themselves contain different symbols upon each one, and the name of the Deva of that card and more.

For me these cards are easy to get connected to and lost in, because I can use each card as a doorway. The overall feel of the deck is one of a no-nonsense love. It’s a calm energetic feel loaded with patience. Within the deck each card has it’s own distinctive feel that aligns to the actual crystals themselves. The cards will automatically connect to the stones the match when they are in range (I’ve noticed up to a foot away unless I connect them).

This may not be the best deck for a person just beginning out on their journey of reading stones, however, if you love crystals and you feel drawn to this deck I will happily say: GO FOR IT! This deck is a blessing to have in my life. I regularly use the guidebook as a reference outside of the cards in everyday living as it is one of the best books that I’ve found outside of Melody’s “Love is in the Earth”.

In this case, if you want to purchase your own Oracle set, you might be able to find a better priced deck at your local store. Mine was $30, and Amazon is selling it for $40. If you to purchase it click  here! Happy days! 🙂