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Hello one and all!

It seems I have a habit of posting around the new and full moons when I’m not on a stricter schedule… Hm…

My life is in an intense period of change and growth. I’ve been guided to believe that around my birthday in December it will even out and lessen in intensity. Right now, life is crazy in all ways, and my time needs to be used wisely because there is not a lot of free time.

One of my main experiments in the last couple of days has been sending “love beams” to people. I’ve also learned a bit more about energy work that seems to be essential to practising it safely which is good! And by safely I mean, not using any of your own energy in the process of doing energy work on another. In this case, it was not using my own energy to send a love beam, but sending the Universal energy. The Universal energy is love and goes where I want it to go through my intention.

In my body and energy field the last two weeks I’ve been experiencing shifts. I’ll feel the heart open, or shift to one side, or maybe the root chakra turn to fire, or the solar plexus turn left. It’s been intense, a good intense. So in my downtime I do my best to relax, and let it flow. I know where I am going, and it is going to be AWESOME! It’s scary as hell though to feel through all the junk I’ve been carrying around, but it needs to be done. Just like spring cleaning!

And all the sweat, tears and fighting is paying off! People are noticing how I am a different person. I surprise myself sometimes. One thing a good friend of mine said to me that hit me hard was “That’s a false story. Stop telling yourself false stories. Maybe you were that person in the past, but that’s not you right now.” Now every time I think to myself that I am something, a second question comes with it: Is that true right now? Most of the time it’s no.

I am house-sitting until the middle of August which I am super excited about. I have a place to live relatively stress-free, and to make the gemstone elixirs in.

For Willows Lavender there is a new website! The address is willowslavender.com. Check it out, enjoy it. I’m still working on it and tweaking on it. I’d like to add an online store which has turned into a huge learning curve for me in WordPress. It’s fun though!

Time to fly