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Ah! Apologies for the late blog post this week! I would say that it won’t happen again, but it very well might.

You see, this week I’ve realized that I have a ton of projects on the go, none of which are close to completion. The pile keeps getting added to while I’m feeling the importance of writing for this blog, my own novel and content for the Willows Lavender newsletter (still awaiting its first edition).

I decided this week to re-prioritize everything that I’m doing. I’m feeling a pull to complete a few things that have been lagging for the past few months. So, the blog post is late because I started maybe five of them, but none of them have sufficient quality content that I would be happy to post due to the lack of contemplation.

Thus, I’ve decided to write a short blog post in honor of this past weekends New Moon!

I have come to love the passing of the New and Full moons because they signify a passage of time that is natural and inherent to our own bodies passage of time. Since being a child I’ve often wondered what it was like to live in a time where the only time keepers were the sun and the moon instead of the artificial time that we race around to now. Instinctively it feels that to me we would all be much more relaxed, and our bodies would function better.

Never did I guess that by simply acknowledging the passage of the Moons with ceremony that my body would adjust itself to the natural cycle of the moon.

I’ve recorded for the last four months that my period ends the day the New Moon begins. Last year at this time, my cycle was irregular and I could only guess when my flow would start. Now I know exactly when it will start. It has stayed regular throughout all of the changes and stress in my life over the past four months which is amazing to me.

Just before the New Moon I will feel quite tired, and things that need to end will be ended that week. My understanding of this is that in a new cycle energies that are no longer serving me don’t need to be in the new. It might screw up the manifestation power of the New Moon if old energies join new!

On the day of my ceremony for the New Moon I will write down all the new things I want to invite into my life, and look over the things that I’ve asked for the last New Moons. Gratitude hits me with each stroke of my pen that crosses off the things that have manifest for me, the wishes that have come true, the wishes that came true but weren’t quite right, and the knowledge that my wishes will come true.

Each night I find myself out and about I catch myself looking for the moon in the sky and breathing in the sweet and fresh air – its a moment to pause everything and give respect to the power that nature still holds over us even in the city. With each passing I find myself being more and more drawn to join the nature that surrounds me.

I think nature is growing on me… I was thinking of going camping soon…