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I have started sleeping with a rose quartz ball that is about ten cm in diameter.

It sounds strange and uncomfortable, I know, but like many good things it just kind of happened.

You see, one of my friends gifted this beautiful piece of rose quartz to me and I placed the stone on my alter. A few days later I took out all my stones from their storage box many of the small stones asked to be placed on the alter to create a mandala of sorts. I ran out of room on the alter table for the rose quartz so I placed her in the middle of the bed with the intention to find her a suitable spot to live.

I ended up being in no hurry to move her because where she ended up on the bed was just too suitable – almost in the center of the room she ties in all of the crystal energies perfectly creating in my opinion, a near perfect crystal grid covering the room.

For past week I’ve woken up and found myself curled around this large rose quartz ball like she is a teddy bear! This subconscious action is interesting to me because for the past few weeks I’ve witnessed me blaming myself for things outside of my control, guilting myself for actions I’ve chosen to take, belittling and insulting myself, on top of all the crooked thinking patterns spoken about in the previous posts (click here and here to read them).

My mind can make my day rainbows and sunshine or a quicksand of hate and self-depreciation. It amazes me how much the mind can affect the day to day decisions that need to be made and how it colours all of my interactions with the people I meet. I wondered briefly if my state of mind could be seen so I began to watch people closer to see if I can determine their state of mind by the words that they use.

Frequently I can. It seems we reveal a lot more to the avid observer than we know or intend.

This in turn makes me reflect on my state of mind each morning before I leave the bed and the loving ball of rose quartz. I want to give the world my best, and I know now that every single interaction will reveal more about me than I am consciously aware of – I am not at the state of awareness that I can observe all levels of me and change it before it happens yet.

One would think that compliments and kind words from friends and strangers alike would lift one out of a negative state of mind but it doesn’t appear to be that way. I have come to the conclusion that it is a choice that determines which state of mind one is in. That choice is most often made outside of our awareness.

It can be hard to stay in the state of mind that one would prefer as well, simply because most human being, myself included are usually influenced by the people around us and the environments that we are in. I find it much easier, personally, to think a certain way until someone comes around that I like or respect who says something different.

My thought was a red helium balloon floating around bringing joy, laughter and smiles to all who saw it, taking me along for a ride in the sky until I allowed it to become deflated based on another persons thought.

It’s a challenge to refill a helium balloon that has a hole in it, even more so if the hole is just a pinprick causing a slow leak. Generally speaking, a popped balloon gets replaced, which is often what happens when a thought has been “deflated” – it’s been replaced with someone else’s idea or thought, not our own.

I feel that the Rose Quartz has been helping me immensely by sharing her loving energies with me each night. I no longer want to move her from my bed. She may be as hard as a rock, but she’s more energetically soft and love filled than a stuffed animal. It seems that when I am least able to give myself the self-love that I need this beautiful stone has stepped up to the plate, sharing her love every night that I need it.

This particular stone feels like a giant hug when its held and its power is strong. Rose Quartz is a stone well known for the love and healing energies that it gives off. Pink in color it works primarily with the heart chakra, and has been known to attract loving relationships into the users life. Rose Quartz is one of the more common stones, and asks that we take the time to take care of ourselves and practice staying centered in our heart. The world is full of joy and love if we are able to see and accept it and vice versa.

I’ve definitely noticed me shifting subtly from the negative mindset I was in a few weeks ago to a more positive and upbeat mindset. I’m on my way to the old me full of upbeat joy! I feel that her energies are helping me heal my heart and bring my souls love forth.

The shift I’ve noticed is not just from the Rose Quartz. I’ve been practicing gratitude and writing down what I want more moments of, and I’ve witnessed one of my friends who has been particularly inspiring to me as of late.

Throughout all of her circumstances, even in ones that, if I were her, I would’ve just been too angry to do anything but scream or cry she has taken them on with the most open-hearted joy that I have ever seen a person express. Everything has a positive to it, and she quickly finds it with laughter no matter what life has just served her.

I shared a quote with her that turned out to be one of the quotes that she has been aspiring to live for the past year or two, and is succeeding in:

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” – Buddha

Do you have a quote that inspires you? What is it? Any inspiring friend stories? What is your favorite stone/crystal to sleep with? Why?

P.S. I once slept with carnelian under my pillow, and had nightmares for all three nights he was there. I figured out later that carnelian vibrates best with the root chakra, thus it is better placed near the root when sleeping… lol. face palm.