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This beautiful soft and loving stone was born deep in the embryos of the Earth with loving acceptance always as her role. She pulsates with the fluid energy of Kali while bringing forth Mother Mary’s purity and Athenas wisdom.

Soother of hearts,

gatherer of tears,

shining as a star does

in the moonlight

she draws for in the user

and holder the strong yet soft,

open yet wise,

fluid yet demanding

energy of the feminine.

She quells the feminine when she has grown too strong for the masculine, her counterpart and lover she cannot live without. For her the ultimate joy comes working in deep and mystical equal partnership with the masculine. She demands to take responsibility for all of her actions and uses her deepest wisdom to bring forth the results she craves and desires quickly, sometimes dramatically, but powerfully.

She is the Eye of the Goddess.

Keywords: Intuitive, all knowing, wise, strong, fluid, powerful, loving, open, authentic, balance of masculine and feminine energies, mystical, moonlover

What an introduction, eh?

This is a new feature with a focus various legends and lore of the gemstones. I’ll be channelling pieces from the Akashic Records like the above piece with pieces of my research and experience following below. Enjoy! Let’s get down to the lore!

My Experience

My experience of moonstone has been powerful and long. I began working with this gemstone several years ago after I dreamed of an old druid-like man appearing in my room. He told me that moonstone would protect me, and to place small pieces above every door and window. It would only allow the good to enter, and nothing bad would be able to pass through.

The next day I bought several tumbled pieces of moonstone that have travelled with me since, almost always being placed above the doors and windows of the rooms I live in. That has been my main use of this stone, occasionally sitting and wearing the odd stone for its calming and intuitive presence.

Writing this blog post inspired me to begin wearing a large piece of moonstone that sits on my windowsill most days and to observe the changes in my life. I noticed immediately a shift: powerful loving energies swirling around my being providing protection, intuitive insights and grace; a grace allowing me to confidently stand in my feminine. Moonstone is a keeper.

Rainbow Moonstone

Legend Has It

In India, in Vedic legend it is told a battle was fought between Lord Vishnu and Bali, the demon god. Vishnu destroyed Bali by breaking his body into several pieces, which fell to the earth as different jewels. Moonstone was formed from the gleam of Bali’s eyes.

It is believed that the finest blue moonstones are washed ashore by the tides every 21 years, when the sun and moon were in an astrologically harmonious aspect to each other.

Blue moonstone is the most coveted around the world out of all the various types of moonstone.

Romans believed that moonstone was formed by frozen moonlight because of the way it shimmers.

Amulets of moonstone were hung in fruit trees to produce abundance crops. The amulets were associated with the following Goddesses: Isis, Diana, and Selene.

Moon Uses

There is said to be a white mark on the moonstone that follows the cycle of the moon. As the moon waxes and wanes, so too does the mark on the stone. When the moon is waning the wearer would be able to foretell evens, and when the moon was waxing it was used as an effective love charm.

When the moon is full, it is said that a lover can predict the future of the relationship by placing the moonstone in the mouth.

There are cultures that use moonstone as an aphrodisiac, and legends in India and Europe that state two people will fall passionately in love when the moon is high if they wearing moonstone in any way.

When staring at a moonstone for a long uninterrupted period of time it is said to put the person into a trance or hypnotize them. During this time insights into the future will be gained.

It is said that within the moonstone lives a spirit full of good that can bring abundance, fertility, and calmness to the users.

In the Middle East women sew moonstones to their clothes when they want to conceive a child.

An elixir was traditionally made of crushed moonstone to help cure insomnia, and the stone was also used to treat sleepwalking.

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Astrological Sign: Cancer, sometimes also with signs in August (Leo, Virgo)

Chakra: Any – can be used to balance any chakra. In India associated with the third eye and sacral chakra, in other traditions with the heart and crown chakras.

Associated Christian Names: Mary and Matthew

Key Sources:

Curious Lore of Precious Stones by George Fredrick Kunz