A fiery stone meant for the love of ourselves and others. This stone has the power fire to clear all our chakras however it most resonates with the bottom three chakras that deal with survival, sex and will. Aragonite acts as the fire of self love to clear and greatly shift these chakras from all their hurt, anger and fear to beautiful glowing centers of love.

This stone used to be placed beneath the tongue of one who was ill and it was believed the illness came from one of these energy centers. Beneath the tongue was the easiest area for Aragonites energy to flow through the body to the much needed areas.

Aragonite has lizard like energy and focus. It is fast working when it needs to be and very exact. It opens up doors to the underworld when placed on the third eye. It can move people quickly to understand many of the metaphysical and shamanic principles of old.

Many people of old called this stone ugly and did not want to work with it, it was not seen as valuable as Citrine and other stones.

In times ancient past, aragonite was used to hear the murmurs of the water beings. It would allow us and the water beings clearer access to each other because aragonite acted as a sort of telephone between humanity and them. The stone is a record keeper of water memories, which is why it dissolves in water (careful to all those who cleanse it!).

The most common form of Aragonite, the red-orange-brown color will call on all Beings it is close to, within a radius of an average city block. The specific colors denote a stronger ability to reach Beings of a specific type, and can call all over the world for those specific types. The farther away the specific being you wish to converse with, the longer it will take to connect as you may be connecting through several stones. Once the connection is made there may be a slight lag that will dissolve with practice.

Practice makes perfect.

When loved deeply it has been said it will light up in orange and all true love that surrounds it will create an orange glow to the stone. It works best with the sacral chakra.

It is good for healers to work with this stone because it easily discharges and clears energy and used frequently by healers long past.

This stone is masculine energy, healer of ill will, sexual and survival issues.

Keywords: Masculine, clearing, intuitive, Underworld Guide, self-love, fire, powerful healer, focus

Legend Has It!

Aragonite was used by Native people for masks, statues and other objects. The natives near Pueblo still care most things from it.

Aragonite‘s six-sided crystal forms symbolize the hexagram and the Star of David or Solomon’s Seal. The Aragonite crystal clusters show us how the individual relates to the universe as a whole. They radiate outward from the center as a seed, or individual soul, that grows and manifests itself through life’s experiences and events.

Aragonite remind us of our true center, as new energies enter or appear around us as life events. They represent our own spiritual and physical growth, from the self and how we interact with the world and life.”

– zoultier.com (Couldn’t have said it better; see Key Sources at the Bottom of this Post)

Awesome Healing Work

For the Planet:

Aragonite is a well known and noteworthy mineral for its ability to heal the planet. It has been known to transmute blockages and stress within the Earths ley-lines and energy system, even at a distance, clearing away.

For Humanity:

Aragonite is useful for centering oneself and connecting to the Planet before healing or mediation. It is a stone that is believed to teach “deep thinking skills” and is therefore useful in business and personal life, and helping one to live with open-hearted joy. It helps one to learn how to give and to receive things, as well as teaching moderation. Aragonite has been used to communicate in the higher realms and to access past lives,. It has been known to increase the power of prayers.

This stone has been known to increase a persons self-worth and self-confidence. It has been known to help people become disciplined and more reliable.

Common Metaphysical and Healing Uses

An aragonite elixir can be used as a “spring tonic” and for the amelioration of general aches and pains.”

Historically aragonite has been used to draw out flus or colds from the body, ridding the body of chills instantly, and has been used for treatment of chronic fatigue, hair loss, skin conditions and mending broken bones.

Cool Facts

Pakistan onyx and alabaster are also Aragonite.

The shiny pearlescent color on sea shells on Mother of Pearl are actually several layers of Aragonite – many animals with shells and corals secrete aragonite to make their shells and pearls. 

Aragonite increases the energy of prayers and magic charms.

Chakras: Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Astrological Sign: Capricorn, Cancer.

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