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Last Thursday I brought some magic in the world. It was unplanned and completely accidental on my part, but I discovered a way to bring joy into the world in an unexpected manner.

The story begins when I went shopping for book and instead came out of the store with a large pair of beautiful purple faerie wings.

The wings are unlike ones I’ve seen before: Like butterfly wings, they have small silver dots outlining the membranes on the sheer dark purple fabric with purple gemstones tastefully spotting each wing. They may have fit me a little too perfectly: the woman at the till almost didn’t charge me for them because they suited my outfit so well!

When I came out of the store I was quick to realize that I was on my bike, and had no alternative but to wear them for the remainder of my errands on my way home. Shrugging my shoulders, I hopped on my bike and became a bicycle faerie zooming around Victoria!

It was to my utmost surprise how people responded. People would spot me, and after a look of surprise a big grin would spread across their face that was usually followed with a witty comment or a question. At a stop light a fellow biker asked, “Do your wings make you go faster?”; A car drove by down a main road and a man yelled “I LOVE YOU!”; A woman at a store I dropped my resume at smiled big; a woman at a coffee shop inhaled sharply and said “Angel.”.

And all of it created warm fuzzy sensations within my heart spreading to a large smile on my face.

I decided that I will wear these wings much more often now, whenever my activities and the weather permits it.

“You were bringing magic into the world.” Said a friend of mine with glee when I told her about my experience with the wings.

It followed a conversation that happened the very same day where I found myself saying something like this:“Magic is exactly what is needed in that world. That magic brings healing to a part inside of our self that can otherwise never be healed. Magic is a part of us, and it needs to be allowed to live inside our world more and more.”

I firmly believe that.

This is the kind of magic that I love. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it doesn’t usually require much of anything because it is so simple. It is simply finding the right kind of magic for your heart.

Sometimes it is playing on the swings, or doodling in chalk. Perhaps it is blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk, throwing snowballs or making snow angels. Maybe its painting, or another act of creation. It could be skateboarding or skipping, getting dressed up in exactly what you want to wear because its beautiful or it could be attacking someone with a hug.

You’ve found the right magic for you when the heart opens with an expansive happiness and the grin on your face can’t be controlled.

When magic comes alive inside our world a part inside of us seems to open up and we can’t help but smile. That same part opens up when we allow ourselves to create or when we allow our inner child to come up for air for a brief moment. Each moment that we have of this magic heals a part of us. It opens up our minds to new possibilities, nurtures our inner child, draws out wonder and curiosity, and allows more intuition to come forth.

I know each one of us has access to it because it naturally resides in each of us. It is a magic that children naturally have that often seems to become hidden as they grow up.

This magic is so important because of the joy it gives us and manifests into our worlds. More ways of adults expressing and allowing this joy into their lives is needed everywhere.

It is through joy that we can manifest everything that we want. This joy helps us to see the world as a world of light even when it seems dark because we are able to see outside of ourselves. It helps us to get unstuck and out of ruts because in a single instant it can lift our mood from a dark depression to an at least “okay, maybe the world isn’t so bad.”.

The more we practice this magic in our lives in little ways the more it spontaneously happen on its own. I know people who have tapped into this without expressing it with such words and they are some of the happiest people that I know. Their lives have not been any easier than the rest of us and they have done their share of healing, part of which was using this magic.

These people might call it “following your bliss” or “experiencing the world with open-hearted joy”. Others might say its “working with your inner child”. Its up to you how you want to view it and express it.

I personally believe that there is magic in this world. It is in each one of us waiting to be accessed and it is one of, if not, the strongest force in nature. We get glimpses of it every now and then through our creativity, our intuition and other certain moments that bring smiles to our faces.

The first step to working with it is discovering how you can feel your magic. The  next step is to connect with it as often as you can.

Then the unexpected will begin to happen and you will start to see magic working in your life.