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Its a whole ‘nother planet!!

Magic is the birthplace of this stone that seems to provide all who carry it luck that otherwise would not have been. This stone is one of transformation and with its beauty it does indeed seem like magic. In truth this stone is able to help the wearer perceive that which was once hidden and transmute easily and effortlessly the inner thoughts that were once blocking ones desired success.

This stone carries with it the energy of the dragon because of the transmutation magic qualities and ethereal connection to other realms. It provides grounding while remaining open to users who choose to visit these realms. It always ensure they will come back from their journey so as long as the user desires it.

Flecks of silver-gold line this deep blue stone reminding us of the night sky magic of old that still comes alive today in each place far from man kinds daily touch. In those deep quiet recesses of the planet you will find that Lapis Lazuli will teach you the ancient arts of past while providing firm grounding in the present world. The stone guides you to bring it to any nature spot that will not be disturbed so it can being its work with you.

Keywords: Masculine, Mother Earth, Teacher, Magick, Dragon, Blue, Luck, Transmutation, Nature, Grounding, Other Realms, Travel

With the Gods

Lapis Lazuli has strong ties to both royalty and the Gods and Goddesses of various societies. Often it was though tin the past that members of Royalty were directly connected to the numerous Gods and Goddess and Lazuli was thought to help facilitate that connection. It was worn by many of the rich and ruling classes, and has been found in many royal tombs including Tutankhamun’s.

It was a pricey stone that was highly sought after, but that didn’t stop a Sumerian Queen from dressing in a robe of Lapis Lazuli and Gold. Can you imagine? How heavy was it do you think? In Sumeria, it was thought that Lapis contained the spirits of deities.

Ishtar travelled to the underworld wearing Lapis Lazuli, and the moon-god Sin, a powerful bull had a Lapis Lazuli beard. It was believed whomever carried the gem worked with the power of Sin.

King Solomon was given a Lapis Lazuli ring by an angel to control demons.

Egyptians highly regarded Lapis, saying it was the stone of Gods for two reasons: it reminded them of the heavens, but it also improved eyesight, when worn as an Eye of Horus amulet, or powdered around the eyes. In “The Book of the Dead” it is stated that Lapis cut in the shape of an eye, and set in gold is a powerful amulet.

Healing Properties

In the ancient world Lapis Lazuli was popular with alchemists. It could be used to cure sore throats. Albertus Magnus saw it as a cure for melancholy and quartern fever”. The ground powder could be mixed with milk and used to relieve ulcers and boils as a compress.

In the Middle Ages Lapis Lazuli was said to keep the skeleton in a healthy condition and keep the spirit free from fear and jealous for the dead, and for the living it would keep the body healthy and soul free from error, envy and fear.

In the 17th century it was used to prevent miscarriages, epilepsy and dementia. 

Metaphysically it has often been believed that Lapis Lazuli can guide one to enlightenment and is an excellent purifier. It can aid in the opening of the third eye, and will give the user success, Divine favor, and ancient wisdom.

The Romans used Lapis Lazuli as an aphrodisiac, while in Ur, kings would sharpen their swords on it believing they would become invulnerable on the battlefield.  

In The World and In Art

Lapis Lazuli often comes from Afghanistan, from some of the oldest continually worked set of mines in the world. Those same mines were supplying this stone to the pharaohs, and are several thousand years old.

Lapis was used for jewellery, amulets and talismans by the Greeks and Romans.

Ground up Lapis Lazuli was mixed with oil to produce ultramarine, which is used in the blues of the Renaissance paintings. It was very expensive, but beautiful, and this pigment has been made synthetically since 1828.

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Chakras: Brow and Crown

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Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss. She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in making Gemstone Elixirs and the healing arts.