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“It seems to me that you are experiencing a lot of low vibrations right now. Experiencing low vibrations helps us to adapt and handle them better. They can be hard to deal with because they can be terrifying, sad, or bring up anger. Your body both physically and energetically is not just being attacked by them, but is also developing a better way of handling and experiencing them.”

The above statement was made by a wise mentor of mine when we met over tea the other day. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I’ve read volumes of books on energy work, and scores of articles on the internet about the topic. I’ve spoken to hundreds of healers and teachers over the years. Not one of them have expressed this as clearly, if ever, as my mentor did in a few short sentences.

When I think about it this statement makes perfect sense. Whenever we are put in situations repeatedly we naturally adapt. We don’t have to think about it because our bodies and subconscious will guide us using whatever tools we have given ourselves. Sometimes people end up with patterns that aren’t the healthiest; most often we end up much stronger than we were.

I feel this statement is important for people who are practising any form of energy work.

Many times, in my experience, on the spiritual path it can feel like we are being thrust into situations that we would really not like to go. We begin to wonder why this is happening? We’ve done so much work on our path yet we still need to go through this? What are the lessons here for me? Perhaps its not necessarily the lessons for you that are most important but what you can give to the situation because of your spiritual work.

Often I hear and read about how we must remove ourselves from “negative” or “low” energies so we can move forward easier and be lighter. It is true that its much easier to move forward when we are surrounded by vibrations that are positive and light. And it is also true that we must remove ourselves from energies that are holding us back.

At a certain point in our growth we must use our light to transmute the darkness and negativity within AND outside each one of us. Our auras naturally do this work when we are vibrating high enough to do so. At this point we no longer take on other people’s stuff simply because its being transmuted before it reaches our physical bodies.

We begin to do this when we stop taking on people’s stuff and allow them to experience their healing, when we have complete acceptance and do not judge but offer only love, when we are grounded and centred firmly inside of ourselves. Then we are like a lamp post in a dark and snowy night for those who are vibrating “lower” than ourselves.

This is also a skill that can be practised  We start small, taking a little part of us maybe, or perhaps a room, maybe what we accidentally took on from a person we interacted with, and visualize us transmuting the energy, however that looks to you. For me it is very similar to what was shown to me in a vision I received for a few weeks this past summer…

More than once a day, I received an image of different Ascended Masters sitting in meditation. It seemed these Masters were sitting in an ocean. All the thoughts and visions on the Earth were swimming by at various speeds in different shapes and sizes. The Master would pick out one that might be zooming by or one that is slowly floating around with a black blob attached to it. The thought-form would enter his aura and sometimes his body. As it passed through his aura and body the thought-form would be transmuted into a shining bright light.

When I finally understood that this is the mission of many light workers on this planet, and specifically one of my tasks here the image stopped coming. I realize now writing this post that I received that image as a guide to where my life circumstances would soon put me. It is a skill I can practice in any life situation.

My mentor is right: “Low” vibrations can be hard to deal with. For me they usually bring up emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness. Others may experience other emotions, however any emotions, positive or negative, when strong, can knock us off our center. For me I begin to disassociate and look for escapes.

Perhaps it is best in these times to do the self-care practices that ground and center us as often as needed and remember: we are experiencing these vibrations to prepare us further for our soul’s work and journey. We are getting stronger by the moment and as we stay centered and grounded we are helping all we encounter by subtly transmuting any low energies we encounter in them, our surroundings and in us.

I see now these experiences with low-vibrational energies help us practice joy and open-heartedness no matter what situation or circumstances we are in. It is key in our spiritual development that we are able to bring our spirituality into all parts of our lives no matter what is happening.