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Malachite is a dark green stone commonly found with light green bands in it. It is a powerful stone that clears toxins on mainly the emotional and mental levels and therefore by default the physical body. It is known to release stress caused by the burdens of life and commonly re-orients the user or wearer to a path more in alignment with themselves.

This stone has always been used in healing as its effects are powerful when it resonates with the wearer. Commonly worn by healers during their training process under a supervised learning experience will facilitate a quick shedding of the toxic energy and mental bodies.

This stone is known as the Keeper of the Clean because of the aforesaid clearing abilities of this stone. It is also known to keep nightmares away, and is extremely effective when combined with the dream catcher, where it was oft seen in the past.

Peoples past used this stone as a gateway into the heart and all the information stored there. They would use the stone in hand with a sweeping motion along the body to “clear” away anything no longer serving the person, especially in cases of the heart.

Malachite loves to be placed on ones chest and have its energies worked with via the breath. An old meditation technique used before was to place a piece of Malachite on the heart and imagine breathing in green light. On the out breath see everything the green light is transmuting leave.

Try it and see why this stone is the Keeper of the Clean.

It is recommended to do this meditation for ten days for ten minutes a day.

This stone loves all forms of breath work. Try it, and be creative.

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Chakras: Can be used on all Chakras, mainly the Heart and Third.

Historic Uses

Often worn in ancient Egypt, like Lapis Lazuli was, crushed into a powder and put on the eyes, Malachite was devoted to the Goddess Hathor. Since that time, and possibly before, Malachite has well been known to protect children from danger, bad dreams, and evil. It helps pregnant women by facilitating labour.

The Upper Class of Egypt used this mineral to bring forth their inner wisdom, sometimes lining their head pieces with malachite.

It was used frequently in amulets and necklaces: set in a white metal (silver or platinum) it was believed to draw attention to oneself and make one charming and attractive, while malachite beads were used with the belief that malachite breaks to warn the wearer of impending danger, it always guards against negativity, and will open the heart more when worn near the heart.

In Russia it was believed that working with Malachite will allow the user to speak with animals.

In the Healing World

Malachite is known to clear past traumas and to open the heart to unconditional love. It helps in all interpersonal relationships by helping the wearer to witness and break old patterns as well as to open up to the possibilities of the Universe.

One is cautioned when working with this stone as it sometimes has been called “The Mirror of the Soul” because it has a tendency to help one to notice the reflections that one is creating in the world. This allows the pattern or belief or thought to be brought into conscious awareness and then released.

Whatever state of mind you are in when working with this stone will seem amplified.

Malachite will help to enhance harmony and balance in relationships with others. It is a stone that helps move through transitions in a calm and gentle way.

This stone is absorbs any negativity inside the aura, the body or the area around itself including any forms of electromagnetic radiation. (Now it makes sense why Malachite insists on the shelve above the TV in my room!)

Malachite is known to bring wisdom to the user, and spiritual guidance as it helps guides the wearer to understanding oneself and others. It can unblock all of the chakras by absorbing any of the energies that are no longer serving the highest good.

Note on Clearing Malachite:

This stone is very soft, rating a 3.5 or 4 on the Mohs scale. This means to be careful cleansing the stone, which is recommended to be done on a frequent basis, and to stay away from the use of salt, and keep the stone away from sunlight so it can retain its lovely colour and shine.

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This picture makes me think of a cave and I have a desire, an image in my head, to create a round room lined with malachite… 🙂

Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss. She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in making Gemstone Elixirs and the healing arts.