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I didn’t really get what affirmations were really about until recently. Strange I know. I simply never took the time to understand them and how they work.

Then over a period of a couple months affirmations came into my life strongly from all directions:

  • The class I was in did a class on affirmations and showed this movie with Louise L Hay.
  • The book I was reading, “A Millionaire Course” by Marc Allen, taught me how to create affirmations that match my goals.
  • A friend of mine is writing a book of affirmations in beautiful script.

And I found that during the challenges I was facing at the time, the one thing that kept me sane was affirmations. They weren’t anything fancy. When I caught myself saying something negative in my head I would counter it with the opposite thought said several times over.

It was effective, and so I decided to try out Marc Allen’s process. I figured I was reading the book, so why not try it? Through the process laid out in the book I created affirmations that totally matched my book. And I said them every single morning.

It was not long before I began to notice changes in my life. Most of them were subtle. But they were noticeable.

I began to attract people and situations that would set myself up for the exact life that I wanted. There is only one goal that I have yet to see movement on.

I didn’t change who I was or what I was doing. But each morning I put the energy out there that this was what I was creating, and that was the way it was going to be today.

A basic rule of the universe: Where you put your energy, you will see growth.

Words and thoughts are energy.

Every time you say a word, every time you think a thought, you are helping create something. That something could be anything – it could be your life, your home, your relationships, your world, your mindset, your dreams.

And like a plant, it will grow.

Waking up each morning and stating what it is that you desire to create most in your life, and stating who you want to be gives a focus to your day. It helps you to think positively, and it helps you to see the opportunities that are surrounding you big and small that will be a step to what you want to create.

There is a subtle mental shift that effects you on all levels when the words are spoken aloud. Most of us have experienced being excited about an idea and then one person – it doesn’t matter if it is a stranger or a person close to us – says one something that brings forth an idea of impossibility, or something similar. We feel deflated.

What happened there?

Here is a simplified possible picture:

You had an idea, something you’ve just begun thinking about, and it is like a baby. It can’t yet stand on its own. It has to be loved, caressed, and taken care of. It needs time grow so it can stand on its own feet. When it has grown more solid it will be able to withstand anybody’s words or thoughts that do not resonate with its creation.

I am not saying that no one can say anything negative. I am saying that when you have an idea, a newborn, you need to protect it for a time from everything outside. Then it will be able to withstand criticism healthy or not. Then it will be malleable instead of being like a dead leaf on a tree in the fall: the first wind that comes blows it down.

Let’s say for our example, the other person may frequently think in impossibilities. They may have been thinking like that for days, months or even years. Their words carry behind them all of the energy of every thought that supports what they’ve said to you. On top of that, their words might also carry energy from our society.

Energetically you have a small ball of energy, that has just been birthed, against a large ball of energy , that has had time to grow.

What do you think will happen?

Now lets say that you meet a person and tell them your idea. They go “That’s great! That’s fantastic! Tell me more!” And you do. As you tell them more and the conversation continues new ideas come up, people come up, ways to make the impossible become possible and it no longer seems or feels impossible. Your baby is growing up and getting strong.

Then you meet the person who thinks in impossibilities. They say it won’t be possible, and you can feel that arguing will be useless, even though you don’t believe them. You know your idea is possible in your heart of hearts, even though you might not know how. You know that it will work someday.

Energetically you’ve created a larger ball of energy that has witnessed a large ball of energy. Now both have seen each other and the smaller is strong enough and has chosen to step away from the fight and give itself space and time to grow.

Affirmations are like the person that you meet who say “That’s great! That’s Fantastic! Tell me more!” They are reminders of the possibility, of why you are here, of what you are working for and of all you are hoping to achieve and be with your life.

And every time you say and think them you are watering the seed of your idea. When your seed has grown large and strong enough it will be unveiled to the world. When it is unveiled it will be able to withstand all that comes at it as long as your vision and idea remains malleable.

The most effective affirmations are said with emotion while staying detached. Staying detached allows your idea and vision to be created most effectively in our world because more often than not there it can be created in a way than you ever thought possible.

It happens often in my life where I wanted something, became rigid with the how it was to be created, didn’t see it. As soon as I let go of it, and said this is where I want to be, I don’t know how its going to happen but it will happen, it did happen in a way more beautiful and better than I ever thought.

Affirmations are not your path, they are your vision.

Emotion adds more umph to the words, just like visualizing the affirmation coming true adds more energy to the seed. All of these things provide water, sunlight and nutrients to your affirmations.

Slowly but surely with daily use you will begin to witness your affirmations coming true, and notice beliefs shifting inside of you to allow them to come true.