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The long awaited mysterious date of December 21 2012 is fast approaching us. Shifts on all levels are being felt throughout the world, as curiousity of what this day will bring us comes to the forefront of human consciousness.

There is a growing number of people who believe that there is going to be a massive shift of consciousness on that day. New energies will swirl around us bringing with them swift and subtle changes on the planet effecting everything from plants and animals to humans and all that’s in between.

My dreams and my intuition keep giving me the same message over and over again and its time for me to share it on a more public level.

For me to include all of the information and explain it clearly this blog post is going to be split in two, and both will be posted this weekend.

First I am guided to share the dream I had a couple of nights ago:

A lover of mine sent me a video, a TedTalk, saying I had to watch it. I turned it on and found myself watching people in a forest. A man and his lover who were on horseback were central to the talk. They spoke about how its essential that all souls must find their light and prepare at this time.

Suddenly they began to run.

Beings from another place appeared that were humanlike until you reached their neck. They didn’t have a head or neck, but instead long electric blue snake heads came from that area.
The camera showed one of these beings facing the woman who was no longer on horseback. She had a deer caught in headlights look and wasn’t fighting the being. She disappeared and I knew she had been killed or eaten.

I knew that her soul was too pure to fight and she had not surrounded herself with those she needed to.

The man fought them off, and then turned to the audience and said “you must find your soul family. You must find those who can and will work with you and protect you. All of you must do this at this time. It’s the only way.”

I woke up with a bolt.

This dream didn’t invoke any feelings of fear, anger, danger, happiness, joy or bliss. It invoked feelings of urgency, of a need. And when I woke up, I immediately wanted to share it with people.

The next day I had another dream that told me to share this with people, and woke up with a jolt again.

So I began channeling, asking, what is it that the world needs to know most right now in regards to their soul families, in regards to this time, what is the message that I can bring at this time that will serve the highest good of all involved?

And this is what I got:

The most important thing right now for all people on this planet are to open up their hearts. You must find your light. You must let your light shine. And you must be open to following it to where it guides you.

We need our lights now more than anything. It is our inner lights that will guide us to where we need to be that day and those lights will guide us to each other.

Each persons heart that is open sends a tall beam of light energetically into space. It also send s a ripple through the ENTIRE energy field of the Earth. This is the signal to your soul family that you are ready. Everytime you open your heart the light and ripples get stronger. The easier it gets for you to find each other.

We need to be with very specific people for that time period of December 21 until December 23.

During that time it is highly important that we are with our soul families.

Together our families are strong, and together our families can protect and provide for each other in ways that we can’t do if we are not together. Our soul families are the most important people to us at this time because it is with them that we will be able to hang on to the new consciousness and actually create a world that is better than now.

It will allow us to capatilize on all the shifts and changes.

At this time, on your planet, a huge movement is happening at the energetic level that is helping people to discover their families effortlessly. It is not something people need to worry about or be overly concerned with. As long as you intend to meet your soul family you will. At first one by one and then they will flood you IF you are not already surrounded by soul family. Many of you will already know at least a few members.

Share your light. Live openly. Dance. Come close to your soul. Breathe. Love.