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Here are the channelled Q&A I did with the Akashic Records with a group of questions I thought might be helpful. If you don’t find your question here and want an answer, please email me and I will see what I can do.

How do I find my light?

The most easy and effective way for people to find their light is for each of the to BE themselves and allow their evolution to happen. The more in tune a person becomes the more their light will shine. It really helps when people stay open and breathe – staying in the present keeps us strong. Its a practice that gets easier all the time. Breathe and be.

What does it mean and look like to be open hearted?

To be open hearted means to live from the heart instead of fear or the ego. Love always keeps us open to possibilities and opportunities, it allows us to accept everyone for who they are, it allows us to trust ourselves and our world. Open hearted is like a flower that has blossomed or a calm ocean on a sunny day.

When a person is open hearted they live moment by moment with confidence, grace, openness and love. They know feelings are fleeting and they know no matter what they will be taken care of – they will be okay. They are able to live in a state of detached grace for everything will be as it is which is perfection always for the moment.

This is a practice of living from love, true love, love for yourself.

How do we know we’ve met our soul family?

You know you’ve met your soul family when you feel like you’ve come home again. You know them by the feeling of recognition you have when you first meet them and by their quiet grace they often impact our lives.

Soul family members range just as much as human families range. It is important to remember that. The soul family often takes on HUGE roles that change your life for the better, and can be dramatic. A member of your soul family always sticks around or comes back into your life after an explosion.

Your soul family accepts you for you, even when you’ve changed. They know your essence not just your human form.

Soul family creates a community of love around you. They will there always through thick and thin, similar to blood brothers.

Soul families help your growth and also provide a feeling of stability and often ground members through hard lessons.

You know your family when you feel you’ve found your home. Each member carries a bit of home for you which allows you, helps you, to simply be your truth.

I feel like I’ve met someone who is soul family, but they disagree. Why?

This is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables such as levels of awareness, knowledge, belief systems and so on. Let the relationship unfold organically and see what it brings you. Many things can happen. Life shows us a bit at a time.

Is my soul mate/ twin flame/ the one always part of the same soul family?

No, but most often yes. Some lovers are meant to bring together two soul families into one expanded one. All soul families are related to each other in some way for each family are souls enacting various aspects of the Universal Energies.

Can I change soul families?

No. Your soul was born, created, with certain other souls to create a group working and helping each other with a certain purpose. You may join and play with other families but you can’t change the family you are born into as a soul any more than your human birth family.

Do soul families live and are born in the same area geographically?

This depends on the soul that is being born and the souls raising the new human. This is usually a decision made by the soul before birth if they will travel to meet their family or if they will be born where their family is.

If you have any questions about soul family feel free to contact me. 🙂

For your reference I’ve found a YouTube Video that talks about Soul Families and Soul Groups. It was the only one I could find, which I found strange, as soul families are so important.