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More questions have come up; here are the channelled responses. 🙂

Can you have more than one soul family in different parts of the globe? 

Yes you can. You may be “adopted” into another one at a given point if your soul and another soul is willing and able to bond deep enough to create the soul family connection. This usually takes a great deal of work in the relationship with a true commitment to each other. The soul being “adopted” will be accepted once that bond is complete with one or more soul in the ‘new’ family in a positive way that benefits all involved in the process and family. IF that will not happen the soul will not join that family and will be guided away from that family when the time is best for both parties. Just because you aren’t part of a soul family you desire at this time doesn’t mean you can’t play with them.

What are the benefits of finding your soul family? 

The benefits of finding your soul family are very similar to finding your home:

  • A place that is completely safe for you. People in your family feel and are so safe for you that you can fully relax into yourself and your Being. It is from this sense of safety and relaxation that a growth spurt like no other can happen on all levels of learning for many members at once.
  • Relaxation into your Being with support from all members of your family at the soul level. All souls are in the process of learning and growth. All family members will love you, desire to protect and love you as best they can in this moment. They will support you and your choices fully as long as it is helping you become your Truth.
  • Soul families help heal each other on all levels naturally and effortlessly. There is no mistake here – not everything in a soul family is peace and harmony, as we’ve said before. There will be explosions. There must be in this current human existence the two poles of polarity until these words are out of date. Soul families expediate the growth of each other on all levels because they are all working towards the same thing in different ways. combining their skills together will bring up a powerful force of collective thinking and power. Connecting together they will change what they desire to change. The connection of their hearts is much stronger than their mind.
  • Love. A soul family has so much love and forgiveness for each member it turns unconditional naturally as the members evolve. This love sustains and feeds the members and creates a strength of connection like no other.
  • Physically, people will notice less stress, anxiety, and depression in their lives once connected firmly with several soul family members. Thoughts brighten automatically as the world takes on a different hue. The world becomes less of a place to be feared and more a place to be loved.

~ Community Happens ~

Can members of one soul family be dispersed around different parts of the globe?

Yes, very easily it can be so. It’s all decided beforehand if they desire or if it best suits their needs to travel to each other, when and where to meet, how and so on. This is not to say that all things are set. What is set is that A will meet B. If A and B don’t meet at Y there is also Z, D, W, U, R, C, L, and all other paths that will lead to A meeting B for a specific purpose. Life is fluid, all about choices, nothing is set in stone like you say for it is all always changing flow. ~The Only Constant is Change ~

What contributes to the likelihood or unlikelihood of finding ones soul family in this lifetime?

Contributes to the likelihood:

  • Personal work and growth. This when done sincerely on all levels will naturally open your heart and let your light shine, which is one of the easiest and effective ways for finding your soul family.
  • Your ‘karma’. We use karma because it is a word common to most people though it is not exactly the correct term to use. Some people are born with a path that will be ‘easier’ to find soul family. For example, some people will be born directly in their soul family and others won’t be. What determines this are a numerous list of reasons that are neither here or there at this time in this conversation. This is what we term ‘karma’ in this instance. This would be things such as what the soul incarnating desires to learn or experience, a past experience determining what the soul does, what the ‘future’ appears to be, and so on.
  • Choices. Your choices will affect everything. The more responsibility you take that is healthy and makes sense the easier you will find your soul family in this lifetime.

Decreased likelihood:

  • A closed heart. You close your heart and hide behind your masks of fear and you make it more difficult to be seen at your essence. Your essence is your light and connects you to other members.

Things that won’t affect it:

  • Your childhood. How you grew up. It’s all choices, learning and growth. It’s all up to you where you go, act, speak, and think, as much as it may seem otherwise at times. Simply love yourself.
  • Your past, as far back as it goes. You are here, in the present. See choices.

How can one tell the difference between a person who is soul family and a person carrying a major karmic debt?

Ah, that is and can be a challenge. in this case it is time to let go of the mind, attachments and all else in the relationship. It is time to be honest with your feelings and clearly state what your question is and let your heart answer. This is a time of space when this question comes up for many people.

Some more concrete signs may come by asking the following questions of yourself:

  • How do I feel when I’m around so and so?
  • When I connect to their essence how safe do I feel with them? How relaxed?
  • Do they feel like home to me?
  • Does my heart open or close around them, with their essence?
  • Are we working towards a similar vision?
  • Do we have similar hopes, dreams, desires?

Remember that soul families can be small or large with many layers and extensions  in them. You may have a large family but only feel drawn to be close to a few. That’s okay. You may also feel drawn to be close to many. That’s okay. If your family is ‘small’ you may feel drawn to connect with more than one family. That’s okay.