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Empress of China

Empress of China

Rhodochrosite is an amazing stone that works with the heart. It is known for the ability to see how love will follow on a certain path but is more important as a stone for the love of self. This stone doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and gently brings the user into clearer awareness and action of self love.

Rhodocrosite is a beautiful and lovely stone that can carry the user on a journey into their heart. Use this stone to travel into the emotional body and reconcile messages, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve us. This stone will softly and gently show the wearer of all that one needs to know about oneself. The stone is not shy and encourages intimate friendship with all parts of oneself.

Don’t worry, this stone is so soft and gentle and loving that no matter where she takes you you will feel the soft hug of her loving presence. You are never alone with Rhodocrosite by your side – all parts of you will be friends, loves, connected and open.

Keywords: Love, soft, gentle, know oneself, friends, Rhodochrosite, self-love, awareness.

Chakra: Heart

Astrological Signs: Leo, Scorpio

Planet: Mars

Animal: Cat

Rhodochrosite is also known as Inca Rose, because of the belief the Inca have of the blood of their former rulers being turned into this stone.

The beautiful red-pink colour of Rhodocrosite attracts people from all walks of life. It is a stone that is heart-centered, with many saying it is the Stone of Love and Balance, and a healer of the Earth that shows love to the Mother of us all.

This is a stone that will open up a closed heart, and heal a heart that has been jaded by life and the past. Rhodochrosite will help calm down anxieties and promote deeper insight with love and compassion into any situation. The stone will help to align a persons thinking to a balance between thinking about others and themselves. It will awaken the interest of the user to responsibilities and duties regarding community and society. Responsibilities are not a burden, but something to with joy.

Self-confidence and self-love grows. Energy and passion increase as the stone works with the user to guide them in their personal healing journey, and to what they truly love to do, and be.

rhodocrosite52785de2Using this stone will help the user to regain trust in the world and people that come into their lives. Rhodochrosite works on the psychological level to release past trauma, and will help increase concentration, a feeling of inner peace, and forgiveness for the user and others.

The stone brings forth the feeling that we are never alone and always loved and helps the user to learn how to love themselves instead of filling a void with food, other people, shopping, etc. This in turn teaches the user how to have healthy relationships with themselves and other. While it does this it helps bring out a positive and enthusiastic attitude – can be a positive influence on people experiencing depression.

It is said that Healers can use this stone to clear the auric field as well to increase love on all levels.

Physically Rhodocrosite focuses on the kidneys and reproductive organs. It is noted for its healing work in blood pressure, circulation, joint problems and migraines.

Rhodocrosite works with time, so allow a week’s time to pass with consistent usage before expecting to see a result. I saw results in about a week when I worked with my Rhodocrosite.

Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss. She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in making Gemstone Elixirs and the healing arts.

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