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Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite

Calcite is a beautiful and lovely stone that has always worked with both of the human hearts. What we mean by this is that each one of you has a soul heart and a human heart. The human heart we speak of is both your physical and emotional heart for these two are so entwined with each other it is difficult to make a change in one and not the other. The soul heart we speak of consists of all the inner knowing, the intuition, the inner feelings of a purpose and mission, the drive to fulfil that purpose. That all comes from the souls heart and it is the souls heart that sees the big picture while the human heart that can get tied down, boxed in if you will.

Calcite loves both of these hearts seeing them as two sides of the same coin. He helps influence people’s thinking to a more neutral and open way reducing judgements on value or good or bad. He helps people to see the even rhythm of the world, the big picture, the steady beat that always pulses no matter what happens around us and that it is in our connection to this earth’s heartbeat that keeps us steady, grounded, centered.

Calcite brings together the human and souls hearts and helps them align with each other so there is no separation between their desires, wants and needs. This causes a great increase in awareness once the alignment happens. Before that calcite will help release all the things not serving the hears in a slow grounded way. To instil this process into your energetic being calcite must be worn for two weeks daily as much as possible, or the elixir drunk/used daily for one month.

Calcite is a wonderful stone for helping your being come into one.

Keywords: Calcite, heart, the big picture, grounding, heartbeat, Earth, alignment, soul, purpose, mission, love.

Chakra: Clear calcite resonates with all the chakras, while all the coloured pieces resonate with the matching coloured chakra.

There are several varieties of calcite based on color including two clear varieties – one clear calcite and the other is optical calcite. Optical calcite is an interesting variety that is commonly used in magic tricks, and it is said that it creates a dual image when looking at something through the stone because it releases two rays of light. (cool eh?)

Calcite and Aragonite can sometimes be confused for each other. They can look quite similar but they do have a different chemical structure.

Calcite and Aragonite can sometimes be confused for each other. They can look quite similar but they do have a different chemical structure.


Clear and white calcite are the most common varieties and are found all over the world. Calcite is said to provide clarity and help one to know when another is hiding something.

Calcite expands, increases, amplifies energy which makes it an excellent stone for doing any type of healing work, while reducing fear and stress. It is an excellent stone for clearing any stored energies in the body or energy system that no longer serve a helpful purpose and can clear all levels.

This stone will increase learning, creativity and imagination as well as prosperity. It helps increase intuition, and wisdom.

Calcite is a grounded and centered stone and imparts these qualities to the user or wearer.

While it is a strong healing stone it is gentle, and is said to be “The Stone of the Mind” as it tends to help release old patterns and belief system, and help during mental changes or life transitions.


Calcite is noted for helping to increase physical strength, back pain, detoxifying, emotional and mental conditions.

It can purify the energies of spaces as well as bodies, and to promote a peaceful atmosphere wherever it sits.

Important: Calcite does dissolve in water; I recommend another way to clear the stone. It is a soft stone that can easily chip or break.


Experiments with Calcite have been done to use the stone for a cloak of invisibility!

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Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss. She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in making Gemstone Elixirs and the healing arts.