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Moldavite bit42_17LIGHTThis stone is amazing and powerful and a must get for all who work deeply or intensely on themselves and others. This meteorite piece was sent very particularly and in a very planned way to help all beings on the planet. It would be of no surprise if all of humanity ended up working with a piece at some point or another.

This stone is especially meant for those on what the majority of humans would call ‘the healing journey’. On our terms it is the journey of rediscovering the self. This stone works not only with the energies that are most present in the moment but also with the future and the past. The muli-dimensional qualities of this stone allow it to gently, powerfully and intensely dig into the subconscious of the person its bonded to and help release whatever comes up.

This stone doesn’t play games.

Moldavite is a serious stone intended to get deep and dirty fast. The stone will bond with any human it chooses in two weeks to a months time. During that time expect to carry it close, have intriguing dreams and not want to part with it. It loves to work in the dream world.

One piece of lore before we go: Different shapes of the stone will cause it to be used for others in particular ways. Your piece of moldavite can be placed on or used on another person after its bonded to you and will only bond with that person when your work with it is done. Moldavite is happy to be used in healing sessions with others, and if it is shaped in a wing or the bottom of a broom, it can be used to “sweep” energy; if its curved it can be used to “scoop” energy. Sometimes you will sense its mischievous spunky faye energy too.

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Chakra: Heart, Crown, All

Astrological Sign: None

Moldavite is the only extraterrestrial gemstone believed to have arrived only once 15 million years ago in a meteorite shower. It is found mainly in the Moldau Valley in the Czech Republic, where there is said to be 275 tons of Moldavite on the planet, but the commercial mining of this gemstone, a variety of tektite, will be stopped within the next ten years because there will be no more left on the planet.

This stone seems to have always been a very precious stone for humanity. They’ve been worn as amulets for good fortune and fertility. They’ve been gifts for nobility, including Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II. There are legends that state the Holy Grail was made of moldavite, which was believed to have fallen from the sky out of the crown of Lucifer during the war between God and Satan.

Moldavite is considered a powerful growth crystal centered in the heart space. It is a stone commonly used for spiritual awakening, transformation, and entering into the cosmic consciousness. When working with moldavite it creates a protective energy field around you, and helps you to detach from anything unhealthy.

This stone works deeply in the dream and vision states of consciousness. Placing it on your third eye will create vivid dreams.

Moldavite can be used to illuminate the cause or source of a physical dis-ease or imbalance and then support the user through the healing process. This stone is known for its ability to rejuvenate the physical body by slowing down the ageing process, helping memory retention, and protecting against mental degeneration.

This stone tends to trigger memories and awakenings in people when they touch the ones they feel called to work with. It is usually intense, and will provide the wearer with memories of their past lives, most often of the Stars they’ve come from. It is said that moldavite calls all the Children of the Stars to work together and accelerate their growth.

It will help release anything that is holding the person back in any way, and can inspire creativity and passion. It allows the heart and the mind to come into union, and will bring up to the surface all that the user most needs to recognize, honour, integrate and release.

It is recommended when working with this stone to meditate with it daily, and wear it to have its maximum effect, however, also use other stones such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz,  hematite, and copper to keep you grounded. To complete the process that moldavite allows and assists in unfolding it is of supreme important that users and wearers of this stone stay grounded.

Important: Do not cleanse in salt water. The salt deteriorates moldavite.

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Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss. She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in making Gemstone Elixirs and the healing arts.