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cute-sunstone projects 008This stone is one of masculine light. It shows and helps develop the strength and ability to let ones light shine brightly without worrying about others. This stone feels almost harsh when placed beside it’s oft thought of counterpart moonstone. And indeed they are partners in a lot of ways; however, it is not recommended that these stones are worked with together until one is fairly aware and knowledgeable in the masculine and feminine energies. Then we say to experience a full balance meditate with sunstone in the left hand and moonstone in the right hand. A powerful meditation.

This is a stone of inner strength and balance. As the feminine likes a flow this stone likes to help the masculine stay strong. For the user this stone will allow creativity, ideas, and ingenuity flow without losing direction, focus or interval guidance.

We call this stone the lovers’ heart because it represents it so perfectly in how this stone helps humanity in general. A lover’s heart is soft, forgiving, and full of excitement and acceptance. It fills us with a sense of peace, openness and adventure. A lover’s heart is also very strong, very bright, and knows what it wants. It may experience fears, but courage comes almost too easily to the lovers’ heart as does forgiveness it seems in many cases. All of these attributes sunstone helps to surface because those in love have always done great things. Those in love have bright fires that come alive. With or without a lover these states of being can come forth and sunstone will always help with that.

Sunstone also helps one know the timing of when to end begin something. This stone doesn’t like to hang out past the expiry date, nor does it like to begin too early. It likes, and will help all who work with him, to work in time with all the energies that surround you with a confident grace of inner knowing.

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Chakra: Solar Plexus

Astrological Sign: Leo

This is a wonderful stone that brings out your light. With its red-yellow phosphorescent color it resembles labordorite and moonstone, but instead of looking inside, it promotes you to shine your light – bring what’s inside of you into the world.

This is a stone commonly associated with leadership as this stone values freedom, empowerment, and individuality. Sunstone harmonizes the world, and helps create a sense of worthiness, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence along the way. It offers protection and draws wealth while bringing optimism in all aspects to the user.

Sunstone helps one to become emotionally capable to take care of oneself instead of depending on others, and will help one to learn to nurture both others and oneself. It empowers the user by removing co-dependency and the tendency to procrastinate.

It is believed to powerfully bring abundance, good fortune, prosperity and protection to the user. Sunstone is believed to reinvigorate one’s health and strength. It’s commonly used now a-days to alleviate depression, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety and stress. Sunstone energizes and empowers one’s spirit, and brightens the soul.

raw sunstoneSunstone is often used in grids to help relieve aches, pain, cartilage problems, rheumatism, cramps, fevers, and other similar conditions.

Sunstone is an excellent stone to use to banish fears, nightmares, phobias, inhibitions and feelings of unworthiness. It has also been used to remove any unwanted or lingering energies.

Sunstone is associated with the Sun God Helios in Ancient Greece, and used to be placed on drinking vessels in order to prevent poisoning. It is the stone of Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun.

Sunstone has been used in the past by the Vikings to actually navigate by the position of the sun. True sunstone refracts light, which makes it possible to locate the sun in fog, cloudy days and storms. Sunstone has also been said to glow when contact is made with Spirit Guides, commonly being placed in the center of the medicine wheel by Native American Medicine Men.

This particular stone has been oft used in solstice celebrations and gatherings. I feel, this is not fact, simply what I feel from my channelling and research that if you celebrate Solstice it would be highly beneficial for you to place a piece of sunstone on your alter, and at some point take time to connect with the stone by sitting with it in meditation on the Solstice. All pieces of true sunstone (not aventurine or golden sunstone) contain within them a connection to the part of human consciousness that has been celebrating Solstice’s past, present and future. Meditation during the Solstice will automatically draw forth all of this knowledge, and it will be shared when used in ritual, bringing to the meditator exactly what they need to receive from the reserves of old wisdom.

Try meditating with Sunstone and let me know what happens. 🙂

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