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lazulite32314fLazulite is an amazing and beautiful blue stone without the glamour of Lapis Lazuli. It has more of a matte look to it. This little known and desired stone by the general populace is truly powerful.

We call this stone the Prince of Stones because it relates so well to how it works. Masculine in feeling it is a tad rebellious  This stone has a mind of its own in a positive way. If you are unclear in anything – boundaries, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, like any rebellious teenager he will test those so that you can become clear, as clear as ice on all of these.

It is with a feeling of royalty one carries this stone. Lazulite helps all people step more into their personal power. Part of stepping into personal power is being very clear on what you want and what you don’t want, and then being able to express that in a very clear way. The Prince of Stones does this beautifully in its work with the throat chakra. By helping heaven and earth come together for you in your world he grounds your voice with precision and consciousness. He tests and stretches your boundaries and all that you stand for, helping you to release and see the dis-service you do for yourself by keeping anything false around or in your life.

Lazulite has the ability to help release all the false shells giving rise to the true self – that is essentially what the metaphor of Lazurus’s death and coming back to life is about. His false selves have died and his true self comes forth.

Lazulite is a stone that has not been overly sought after for much of humanity’s time on Earth. Its value is not seen by all even though it is a strong stone. It can be slow working, but as sensitivities increase it will ‘work faster’. Its a calm, grounding, and often chaotic at first. All lazulite wants to do is help you love your true self. Often working with it will draw more stones to be used in conjunction with lazulite.

This stone has many friends and will often help the user make new and needed friends. it is a stone that easily creates connections with others on all levels and helps bring understanding to social norms and how to interact with others.

Lazulite is a special stone of love, connections, grounding, clarity, the True Self, the throat chakra. It reminds us of how truly beautiful we are. The Prince of Stones can be tough, yet so soft, just like the Prince many women dream of.