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Have you ever wondered how it is possible for psychics to tell the future? Have you ever wondered how it works? How is it that a person can tell the future and it sometimes actually come true? What about all those people who claim to tell the future and it doesn’t come true?

When a client asks about the future in a reading this is what happens for me:

I feel all the various probabilities that are in existence for question. It’s very fast, and doesn’t take long because I only feel into the strongest possibilities. Those are the only ones that the client and I truly care about. It is the strongest possibility that I relate to the client. If there are several that are highly probable I tell the client all of them including with what will make each possibility happen.

Because the world we live in is energy, it is constantly shifting. The future is a finicky thing. If I knock over the salt today, maybe that’s changed everything and I simply am not aware of it.

Here’s a clip of Griffin from Men in Black 3, a character I love. He’s an awesome example of what it’s like to be a super strong conscious and aware psychic all the time. He’s always standing right on the edge of doing something because he can see all the probabilities but he doesn’t know how to act or what to do until the millisecond before the future comes true because its only then that he knows exactly which one is true.

Here’s a clip of him:

As Heraclitus infamously said: “Change is the only constant in life.”

I can only tell you possibilities, albeit the strongest possibilities.