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rhodoniteOh! The beauty of this crystal!

The deep pink of the heart

The crevices of black desire

The love that flows so simply

Ability to love made manifest

This is the stone for you

It is the stone for all

For who wouldn’t like to serve

By living their souls truth, talents?

One of our favourite crystals to work with!

Rhodonite is an amazing crystal to work with. As you carry it with you it begins to unveil to you what your loves to do. These are the things we do that we have no idea how valued they are. They are the things we’ve never done but love instantly once we do them. They are the things that bring us so much joy there is no where else we would rather be.

This stone can do something special: It can not only help you recognize all of the above and help reveal your passions, but it can also help you connect together in a meaningful and valuable way multiple passions. It shows you  a coherent and workable way that you can live doing all that you love and still be generous.

Rhodonite strives to be generous and altruistic  By living and using your talents you become such a gift for the world. And it reminds you that unexpected and unconditional generosity is the greatest gift you can give. By unconditional we don’t mean that you give and give and give, for you must give only as much as you can without creating an imbalance and true lack in your life. by unconditional we refer to the simple act of forgotten or lost of giving without any expectations or strange ideas. A gift from the heart. This can inspire and spark so much in the receiver!

This is the stone that teaches you and shows you how your love, your passions, and your bright spark of life can be such a blessing and a catalyst that inspires those around you to become their bright sparks too.

The world is ready for all of humanity to live by their souls. So lets help each other discover and live their souls. Lets help each other create  world where that is possible. Let us create a heart-centred world.

Let rhodonite help you first, and your light. Your heart will lead the way to this New World of Hope. Just always remember the Butterfly Effect – the smallest actions have a larger effect that you cannot even imagine. You have no true idea of the scope of change your actions create in the world around you. So when it seems like you are not enough hold on to Rhodonite and Rhodocroscite together. Let their love fill you with self-love and understanding.